Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

26 October 2013
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Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Escape the GCPD

In the sixth chapter Batman must escape the GCPD station. After breaking and entering in there, it’s safe to say our first meeting with the not-Commissioner-yet Gordon won’t go so well.

Chapter 7: GCPD Server Room

In the seventh chapter we must do a direct hack into the GCPD Server Room via the telecom wires beneath the station.

Chapter 8: Mad Hatter (Most Wanted)

In the eight chapter Batman must rescue a kidnapped girl nicknamed “Alice” from the Mad Hatter, who thinks he’s in Wonderland.

Hacking Doors Tip: Rotate the controller’s left and right sticks slowly to find the point at which the letters spell the right word to crack the code.

Chapter 9: Shiva (Most Wanted)

In the ninth chapter we meet the next Assassin, Shiva, who seems to want to test the Batman.

Can you hear her voice actress is Kelly Hu? Last year she also played Inspector Jane Teng in Sleeping Dogs, and soon she’ll reprise her Young Justice cartoon role Jade Nguyen / Cheshire in the video game.

Chapter 10: Shiva Boss Fight

In the tenth chapter we travel to Wonder Tower to take down Shiva in a boss battle.

Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 11.


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