Unlock All Batman Arkham Origins Codes & Cheats List (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U)

Here’s how to unlock all Batman Arkham Origins codes and cheats in this awesome action-adventure game. All unlockables below work for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U versions unless otherwise indicated. And yes, also included is a Batman Arkham Origins money cheat.

The lists below give you the cheat description, followed by the reward to earn in the game.

Index of Batman Arkham Origins Guides:

Money Cheat

Want to more easily earn more XP in each level? Find out how to quickly buy more Upgrades for Batman…

Cheats Note: Using this cheat will not stop you from earning Achievements & Trophies. So you can continue playing as you normally would.

How to get unlimited XP:

Now that’s handy! Let’s hope the cheat doesn’t get patched.

Unlockable Cheat Codes

How To Unlock New Game Plus Modes

“New Game Plus” Mode: Finishing the game’s Story Mode for the first time on any difficulty mode. — “New Game Plus” allows you to keep all the upgrades you earned. But counters it with a much higher difficulty; no counter icons and smarter / faster / better armed enemies from the get-go.

“I Am The Night” Mode: Finishing the game once on the New Game Plus difficulty mode. — “I Am The Night” offers the ultimate challenge for hardcore gamers! As you play the story from start to end you’re given zero retries, one life means if you die you get to start at the beginning again.

Unlockable Xbox 360 Avatars & PS3 Themes

Xbox 360 Avatars:
– Deathstroke Avatar: Beat Deathstroke.
– Archenemy Avatar: Beat your new Archenemy. (Actual enemy name edited to prevent story spoilers).
– Batman Avatar: Complete all of the Dark Knight Challenges.

PS3 Themes:
– Assassin Theme: Beat Deathstroke.
– Arkham Origins Theme: Beat your new Archenemy. (Actual enemy name edited to prevent story spoilers).
– WayneTech Theme: Complete all of the Dark Knight Challenges.

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