Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough

22 October 2013
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough

Deadpool Bonus Mission 10: The Thrill of the Chess (in The Raft)

This mission requires 175 Gold Bricks to enter. Completing this mission unlocks both Doctor Mysterio and Polaris. — In the “The Thrill of the Chess” Bonus Mission, at The Raft, Magneto and Mystique take on Mysterio.

Deadpool Bonus Mission 11: Bro-tunheim (in Jotunheim)

This mission requires 200 Gold Bricks to enter. Completing this mission unlocks both Laukey and Malekith.

You can travel to the Frost Giants home world called Jotunheim, via the portal in the Industrial District.

In this final “Bro-tunheim” Bonus Mission Thor and Loki take on the evil Malekith!

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Thanks to Marvel, Brian, Packattack, Swaggers & Alex for the walkthrough videos.

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