Pokemon X and Y: How To Get Zygarde

Here you find out for Pokemon X and Y how to get Zygarde! Zygarde is a Pokemon X and Y special hidden/secret Legendary Pokemon who can not easily be captured within the game; Which makes it a rare Pokemon. Why wait for Pokemon Z when you can catch it now?! 😀

How to find Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y is important, because how to catch Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y can only be done at one location in both Nintendo 3DS RPG games. — Don’t miss your chance to catch this exceedingly rare Pokémon! Follow the steps described on this page by scrolling down…

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Pokemon X and Y: How To Get Zygarde

Pokemon X and Y players can get the special Zygarde Pokemon. It is a Dragon and Ground-type Legendary Pokemon, which cannot evolve.

This Level 70 Order Pokémon has the Special Ability Aura Break (which reverses the effects of Fairy Aura and Dark Aura) and it knows the moves Earthquake, Crunch, Camouflage, and Dragon Pulse, a solid foundation of moves to start Zygarde’s growth.

• STEP 1: You must first have beaten the Elite 4.
• STEP 2: Go to Couriway Town — and from the top area there — take Route 18: Vallee Etroite Way to Terminus Cave. You’ll know you’re close from the wooden train tracks, go up the stairs to the top track that leads to the cave entrance you want.
• STEP 3: Follow the long cave (use Repel to speed up your progress) until you reach the lowest level of the cave, which features a few rare Orb items, and it’s there you’ll be given the chance to catch a level 70 Zygarde.
• STEP 4: If your Pokemon are of equal or higher level they should be able to hold their own and weaken Zygarde until its HP bar goes into the red (with about 1/5th health left).
• STEP 5: Although Zygarde is now weakened enough, you’ll first need to paralyze it (or put it to sleep status) before attempting to catch it with a Dusk Ball. Wait for Zygarde to use its Camouflage move to transform into the Rock-type, then select a Pokemon that knows Spore or Thunder Wave like Jolteon to paralyze Zygarde.
• STEP 6: Finally, you can throw Dust Balls to catch Zygarde now that it cannot move. Dusk Balls work best since you’re in a dark cave, so it should work on the first few throws! — This Zygarde has a low capture rate, so other Pokeballs that work when its health bar becomes a red color: You’ll need at least 20 Ultra Balls, or one Master Ball for an easy catch.

ALL 6 STEPS are shown in this video guide. Press play and it will show you with voice-over tips how to get Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y:

Tip: Before battle heal all your Pokemon in a Pokemon Center and then save your game in case anything goes wrong. When in battle make sure to never kill the Pokemon you’re trying to catch or you’ll fail, but not entirely since you can then reload the game you just saved before the battle.

Special thanks to Pheonixmaster for the voice-over video guide with all the handy tips!