Pokemon X and Y: How To Get Yveltal

Here you find out for Pokemon X and Y how to get Yveltal! Yveltal is a Pokemon X and Y special hidden/secret Legendary Pokemon who can not easily be captured within the game; Which makes it a rare Pokemon.

How to find Yveltal in Pokemon X and Y is important, because how to catch Yveltal in Pokemon X and Y can only be done at one location in the Nintendo 3DS RPG game Pokemon Y (and if you want it in Pokemon X it can only be traded, luckily X and Y Mega Stones can be traded). — Don’t miss your chance to catch this exceedingly rare Pokémon! Follow the steps described on this page by scrolling down…

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Pokemon X and Y: How To Get Yveltal

Pokemon Y players can get a special Yveltal, as it is the mascot of that game. It is a Dark and Flying-type Legendary Pokemon, which cannot evolve.

This Level 50 Destruction Pokémon has the Special Ability Dark Aura* and its exclusive move is Oblivion Wing, a solid foundation of moves to start Yveltal’s growth.

STEP 1: Go to Geosenge Town and travel to the top area where the crystals and Team Flare grunts are, then go into the cave door entrance to the Team Flare Secret HQ.
STEP 2: First, go fight Lysandre and then six of his grunts. Second, go battle the four grunts in the basement of Team Flare Headquarters (to stop them from using the ultimate weapon) before you can reach Yveltal.
STEP 3: As your battle against Yveltal begins, right away throw one Master Ball at it for an easy catch, since it always catches a wild Pokemon!

ALL 3 STEPS are shown in this video guide. Press play and it will show you with voice-over tips how to get Yveltal in Pokemon Y:

Tip: Before battle heal all your Pokemon in a Pokemon Center and then save your game in case anything goes wrong. When in battle make sure to never kill the Pokemon you’re trying to catch or you’ll fail, but not entirely since you can then reload the game you just saved before the battle.

* Dark Aura, is a counterpoint to Fairy Aura, raising the strength of Dark-type moves for all Pokemon in battle. This Ability is powerfully effective in Double and Triple Battles when facing multiple opponents simultaneously. So when Yveltal is in battle, it’s smart for players to fill their team with Pokemon that can use Dark-type moves.

Special thanks to Shofu for the voice-over video guide with all the handy tips!