Pokemon X and Y: How To Level Up Fast

This guide is called “Pokemon X and Y: How To Level Up Fast” and it will teach you how to properly use both the Exp. Share item and EV Super Training.

Time to level up your Pokemon to the max!

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Pokemon X and Y: How To Level Up Fast

How To Exp. Share with the Key Item:

Prior to Pokemon X and Y the Exp. Share item was used to earn experience for the one Pokemon holding it even if it wasn’t in battle. In Pokemon X and Y this item has become a Key Item that you can turn on and off for your experience to be spread around for your entire team to earn; with your Pokemon in battle obviously earning extra.

So when should you activate Exp. Share? After you’ve setup your team of six Pokemon, you can turn on the Exp. Share item. This will make sure that as you play the game all your Pokemon level up evenly, and as a bonus it’ll help your weaker team members catch up to the stronger Pokemon in your party without having to constantly switch them in and out of battles. Handy!

How To EV Train with Super Training:

In this next tutorial, Abdallah briefly explains the updated technical aspects of EV training your Pokemon in Generation 6, Pokemon X and Y!

Prior to Pokemon X and Y, you had to battle 100’s of Pokemon to upgrade the fighting Pokemon to max out its 510 EV points. Luckily in Pokemon X and Y it has become much easier by targeting the attack and speed stats you desire for each Pokemon in the Super Training section of the 3DS game.

After unlocking all the Super Training levels, then equip the newly unlocked Attack Bag L (large attack bag) to increase the experience earned. Tap the Pokemon in use a few times until it uses a super move on the large bag to max out the specific stat your targeting. Using this method you’ll only need around 30 minutes to train each Pokemon. I guess you could say it’s SUPER effective!

This video guide shows how to Max Out Pokemon Stats for attack & speed really fast: