Skylanders Swap Force Collectibles Guide

Welcome to the Skylanders Swap Force Collectibles guide that helps you find the Skylanders Swap Force Hat locations, Soul Gem locations, Legendary Treasure locations, hidden Treasure Chests locations, Story Scroll locations & Bonus Mission Map locations in one guide. This location guide covers the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PS4 & Xbox One action platformer game.

Important: Want to find all the Soul Gems in the game’s 17 Chapters? Then check out our Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough page. 🙂

The in-game locations for the Collectibles are shown in the guide below.

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Skylanders Swap Force Collectibles Guide

You’ll get these messages when picking up collectibles like:

* “All Hats Found.” — To enhance your stats; For example: There can be 3 hats total in a chapter. There are 147 Collectible Hats in total.
* “Treasure Chest Found.” — Hint: Each game level contains 4 hidden Treasure Chests to collect.
* “Legendary Treasure Found.”
* “Story Scroll Found.”
* “You found a Soul Gem.” — Gives characters a final big weapon upgrade; For example: in Woodburrow it unlocks a new power for Hoot Loop called Wand of Dreams & Infinite Loops.
* “Bonus Mission Map Found.”
* Collecting “Level Stars” increase your Portal Master Ranking making you more powerful.

Does the game save each Collectible you collect?:

Yes! Each time you pick up a Collectible — such as Legendary Treasures, Bonus Mission Maps, Story Scrolls, Soul Gems, and Collectible Hats — the game will save your progress.

The Collectible locations are shown in the order the player can chronologically encounter them.

Skylanders Swap Force Collectibles in Woodburrow

Check out where to find the Hoot Loop Soul Gem and Puma & Turkey Hats in Woodburrow.

You get the “Navigator Compass” Legendary Treasure from Tibbet in the Trophy Room.

Skylanders Swap Force Collectibles in Chapter 1: Mount Cloudbreak

Let’s begin by showing you where to find which collectibles you have or are missing in-game.

Skip to 12:25 minutes into this first chapter video to see the collectibles pause menu:

List of collectibles in Chapter 1:


Thanks to Coinoptv for the collectible guide video.

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