Skylanders Swap Force Characters List

The Skylanders Swap Force characters list shows there are many returning favorites, 16 new LightCore figures, and the game will also have 16 all-new Swap Force characters that can do 256 unique character combinations (in total) compared to the regular Skylanders toys!

Prices: Swap Force Skylander Figure costs $14.99, LightCore Skylander Figure costs $11.99, and New Core Skylander Figure costs $9.99.

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Skylanders Swap Force Characters List

This list of confirmed playable characters / toy figures looks great so far, they are expected to roll out in waves in the near future. The complete list of Skylanders Swap Force characters may grow as more characters are confirmed and added here.

Swap Force Skylanders*:
1. Hoot Loop (Magic/Teleport)
2. Trap Shadow (Magic/Stealth)
3. Wash Buckler (Water/Climb)
4. Freeze Blade (Water/Speed)
5. Rumble Rouser (Earth/Spin)
6. Doom Stone (Earth/Dig)
7. Blast Zone (Fire/Rocket)
8. Fire Kraken (Fire/Jump)
9. Magna Charge (Tech/Speed)
10. Nitro Magna Charge (Tech/Speed)
11. Spy Rise (Tech/Climb)
12. Night Shift (Undead/Teleport)
13. Rattle Shake (Undead/Jump)
14. Free Ranger (Air/Spin)
15. Boom Jet (Air/Rocket)
16. Stink Bomb (Life/Stealth)
17. Grilla Drilla (Life/Dig)

New Skylanders in Swap Force:
18. Star Strike (Magic)
19. Punk Shock (Magic)
20. Slobber Tooth (Earth)
21. Scorp (Earth)
22. Riptide (Water)
23. Dune Bug (Water)
24. Fryno (Fire)
25. Smoulderdash (Fire)
26. Countdown (Tech)
27. Scratch (Tech)
28. Roller Brawl (Undead)
29. Grim Creeper (Undead)
30. Zoo Lou (Life)
31. Bumble Blast (Life)
32. Pop Thorn (Air)
33. Wind Up (Air)

New Light Core Skylanders in Swap Force:
34. Star Strike (Magic)
35. Flashwing (Earth)
36. Wham Shell (Water)
37. Smoulderdash (Fire)
38. Countdown (Tech)
39. Grim Creeper (Undead)
40. Warnado (Air)
41. Bumble Blast (Life)

Series 2** for Skylanders Swap Force:
42. Super Gulp Pop Fizz (Magic)
43. Blizzard Chill (Water)
44. Fire Bone Hot Dog (Fire)
45. Heavy Duty Sprocket (Tech)
46. Turbo Jet Vac (Air)

Series 3*** for Skylanders Swap Force:
47. Mega Ram Spyro (Magic)
48. Knockout Terrafin (Earth)
49. Hyper Beam Prism Break (Earth)
50. Anchors Away Gill Grunt (Water)
51. Lava Barf Eruptor (Fire)
52. Volcanic Eruptor (Fire)
53. Bang Bang Trigger Happy (Tech)
54. Twin Blade Chop Chop (Undead)
55. Phantom Cynder (Undead)
56. Horn Blast Whirlwind (Air)
57. Ninja Stealth Elf (Life)
58. Dark Ninja Stealth Elf (Life)

Dark Figures in the Dark Edition Starter Pack exclusive to GameStop/EB Games/GAME:
59. Dark Wash Buckler (Water – Climb)
60. Dark Blast Zone (Fire – Rocket)
61. Dark Slobber Tooth (Earth)
62. Dark Ninja Stealth Elf (Life)
63. Dark Mega Ram Spyro (Magic)

Backwards Compatible:
• All 100+ Skylanders Giants characters and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure characters will work with Skylanders Swap Force. This makes for a lot of Skylanders to play with!
Magic and location items from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants will work in Skylanders Swap Force like they did in the previous games.

Game Starter Pack Skylanders:
• Starter Pack – Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, Ninja Stealth Elf (S3), Portal of Power and Extra**** (Wii/Wii U/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/PS4)
• Starter Pack – Rattle Shake, Free Ranger, Volcanic Eruptor (S3), Portal of Power and Extra**** (3DS)
• Starter Pack: Collectors Edition – Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, Ninja Stealth Elf (S3), Portal of Power and Extra**** (Wii/Xbox 360/PS3)

Location Pieces:
• Tower

Arena Pieces:
• Fiery Forge
• Arkeyan Crossbow

Magic Items:
• Battle Hammer
• Sky Diamond

Double Packs:
• Nitro Magna Charge and Free Ranger ($29.99 RRP)
• Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake ($29.99 RRP)

Triple Packs:
• Slobber Tooth, S3 Eruptor and S2 Pop Fizz ($24.99 RRP)
• Star Strike, S3 Gill Grunt and S3 Trigger Happy ($24.99 RRP)
• Zoo Lou, S3 Spyro and S2 Chill ($24.99 RRP)

Adventure Packs:
• Tower of Time Adventure Pack (Pop Thorn, Tower of Time, Battle Hammer and Sky Diamond) ($24.99 RRP)
• Sheep Wreck Adventure Pack ($24.99 RRP)

Battle Packs:
• Fiery Forge Battle Pack (Bumble Blast, Terrafin and Cauldron) ($24.99 RRP)
• Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack ($24.99 RRP)

List leaked via Walmart’s accidental early website listing for the late 2013 waves. — We’ll update this list once new characters become available. Please comment below to let us know which new characters you’ve found. 🙂

The extended TV commercial shows the main Skylanders Swap Force characters “in action”:

Many Skylanders Swap Force characters are in the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PS4 & Xbox One action platformer game when it’s released the week of October 13th, 2013. And it’s also coming to the PS4 & Xbox One this year when it those consoles launch on November 15th & 22nd, respectively.

Who are your favorite Skylanders Swap Force characters?