Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough

13 October 2013
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Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gulch

Time to visit Iron Jaw Gulch.

Chapter 7: Motleyville

We go visit Motleyville and meet zee “great” Baron Von Shellshock, a servant of Lord Kaos!

Chapter 8: Twisty Tunnels

Lord Kaos is up to no good ands the Fire Viper of Doom after us as we fly to Mythic Mesa.

Chapter 9: Serpent’s Peak

We’re off to Serpent’s Peak… ooooh that sounds dangeroussssssss! 😉

Chapter 10: Boney Islands

The tenth chapter is titled Boney Islands. The portal of power Skylander switches from the previous chapter’s Legendary Zoo Lou to now play with Legendary Free Ranger.

Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 11: Winter Keep.


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