Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough

Welcome Portal Masters! This Skylanders Swap Force walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this platformer on the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PS4 and Xbox One.

Embark on an exciting new adventure with the Skylanders and the SWAP Force. For generations, the SWAP Force protected the volcano that replenishes Skylands’ magic. That is until an epic battle caught them in an eruption that blasted them apart, sent them to Earth and gave them the ability swap powers. Only you can mix and match their tops and bottoms, put them on the new Portal of Power and help save Skylands.

Let’s start the Skylanders Swap Force walkthrough with an introduction video!

Please note that viewers must be at least 7 in Europe or 10 in America/Canada to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Cartoon Violence.

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Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough

Skylanders Swap Force is the third part of the Skylanders series, and the follow-up to the incredible Skylanders Giants and the BAFTA-winning Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure – Best Video Game.

In Skylanders SWAP Force, Portal Masters embark on an all new adventure in the mysterious Cloudbreak Islands, home to a mystical volcano that erupts every hundred years to replenish the magic in Skylands. During an epic battle, a brave group of Skylanders were caught in the volcano’s eruption, which blasted them apart and sent them to earth. But, the magic of the volcano gave these heroes a remarkable new power – the ability to swap halves – turning them into a special team known as the SWAP Force. Meanwhile, Kaos is back with a new evil plan. And now, Portal Masters everywhere must reassemble the SWAP Force – in their original form or in new combinations – and send them back to Cloudbreak to save Skylands!

Skylanders SWAP Force features new abilities – such as flying, climbing, digging, bouncing, or teleporting – which can be used in previously unexplored areas of Skylands centered on these play mechanics. Additionally, the game features 16 new core characters, eight new LightCore characters and 16 new versions of fan favorite Skylanders from previous games. Now kids will have more than 100 characters from which to choose. The game’s high-resolution graphics brings detailed characters and richer environments to life, immersing players in the game like never before.

Key Game Features:

  • The Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack – It includes the video game, Portal of Power, three characters, three trading cards, three sticker sheets with secret codes, and a character Collector poster featuring every Skylander from all three games!
  • Dynamic Swapability – Skylanders SWAP Force features 16 new SWAP Force inter-action figures with new powers and a fresh play pattern – dynamic swapability – that lets kids create 256 unique character combinations in total if they collect all 16 swappable characters, giving them more choice than ever before over how they fight and move in the game. With each new addition to their Skylanders SWAP Force collection, Portal Masters unlock an exciting world of possibilities. – The Swap Force Skylanders characters have the ability to mix and match their abilities and powers, so separate the figures and snap them together in new combinations.
  • More To Collect – In addition to the 16 new SWAP Force inter-action figures, Skylanders SWAP Force also has eight new Lightcore characters to collect, as well as new figures for some of your favourite Skylanders, giving them new powers and abilities in the game. Plus you can use your Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants figures, complete with more levelling up and upgrades to continue the battle against Kaos!
  • Gameplay Variety – Skylanders SWAP Force delivers a diverse and dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini games, activities, platforming, traps & hazards and drop-in/drop-out co-op play – all set within compelling environments. With each new addition to their SWAP Force collection, Portal Masters unlock exciting new possibilities. Seasoned fans can play Skylanders SWAP Force with their entire collection of 100+ forward compatible characters from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants. Plus, the level cap has been raised to 20 for all Skylanders characters, including legacy characters. Additionally, based on fan demand, all Skylanders now have the ability to jump.
  • Exciting Adventure – Portal Masters will embark on a brand new adventure, encountering never-before-seen enemies and challenges, as well as meeting memorable non-playable characters who can help the Skylanders defeat Kaos and his minions in the Cloudbreak Islands.
  • Unique SWAP Force Zones – Skylanders SWAP Force characters feature new abilities – such as flying, climbing, digging, bouncing, or teleporting – each of which can be explored in new areas of Skylands.

The Different Gameplay Modes:

Players will be able to experience various Survival and Battle Modes, all featuring vibrant, action-packed arenas and environments where Portal Masters can test the true strength of their Skylanders.

  • Story Mode – Battle Kaos once again in an epic battle to save Skylands.
  • Solo Survival Mode – Single player horde style mode where players must battle through waves of enemies.
  • Team Survival Mode – Two-player co-op horde style mode where a team must battle through waves of enemies.
  • Rival Mode – Two-player “versus” mode where both players must fend off waves of enemies; the player with the higher score wins.
  • Battle Arena Mode – Player vs. player-style mode that lets Portal Masters pit their Skylanders against each other.
  • Ring Out Mode – Players must fight to knock their opponents out of the battle arena.


The following intro features the all-new SWAP Force Skylanders in action, see them swap into new super-sweet combinations!

SWAP Force Skylanders mix and match their tops and bottom parts to create 256 new character combinations, each with their unique powers and abilities! “Skylanders SWAP Force: Swappable. Unstoppable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to “Save” the game without losing progress?

When saving the game Skylanders Swap Force (on Wii and other systems), it should be the same as it was in Skylanders Giants. That means there are two things to keep an eye on if you want to continue playing the story all the way to the end…

Saving Tip #1: You have to finish the chapter you’re on, after the chapter is finished you have to press the + button on your Wii Remote or Wii U Controller (I call it the Wiimote) and then select Main Menu for the game to save your progress. Then you can safely turn off the game.
Additionally, if you’re playing on the Xbox 360 or PS3, you need to make sure you’re signed in with your username/avatar before you start playing the game, as well as picking the storage device and then the game will auto-save on at the end of each chapter. Same for the Wii and Wii U versions the game will auto-save.

Saving Tip #2: After turning the game off, when you turn the game on again the next time, most people try to continue by going to chapter select, but don’t do that! Instead you need to talk to (depending on the chapter you’re on) Captain Flynn or anyone who can be found in the Woodburrow hub, like the Chieftess or Tessa. This should continue the story where you left it last time.

What’s new in Skylanders Swap Force?

Let’s go behind the scenes of Skylanders Swap Force, the all-new game where toys come to life! Meet the new swappable characters, watch exciting game play and hear the story behind this magical new adventure!

Chapter 1: Mount Cloudbreak

Welcome to the Skylanders Swap Force walkthrough! Rob will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s areas with lots of tips.

Chapter 2: Cascade Glade

Let’s continue Story Mode with the second Chapter!

Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow

Another super long (one and a half hour) Chapter!

Chapter 4: Rampant Ruins

After exploring the Woodburrow, it’s time to explore the fourth level of the game with your Skylanders.

Chapter 5: Jungle Rumble

Looks like there’s trouble in the jungle! It’s the Evil Glumshanks boss fight.

Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gulch.