Beyond Two Souls Endings

Here are the Beyond Two Souls Endings. Beyond Two Souls spoilers ahead!

Don’t worry too much if you have not finished the game yet. CNN research from Activision & Raptr showed that on average a huge 90% of gamers do not finish their games!!

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Beyond Two Souls Endings

Here are all the endings to Beyond Two Souls after playing through the story mode’s 25 scenes (before the “Epilogue”). The ending you get simply depends how you choose to live your life.

Your choices in the game — such as leaving or staying in a relationship with Ryan Clayton — lead to slight differences in how a directly following scene plays out; and the endings appear slightly different depending on if you saved Paul, Norah, and Cole from death (Shimisani cannot be saved) as they then will or won’t show up.

The important choices that influence the ending are grouped together in the final Chapter, “Chapter 24: Black Sun”. Key during that last Chapter of the game is that you can choose for Jodie Holmes to go for either the “Beyond” or “Life” ending, which will naturally give you two distinct endings.

But then again at the very end if you chose “Life”, you can rebuild it from 1 out of 4 choices: Alone, with Zoey & her baby (and the gang), with Jay, or with Ryan. Each of these results in a different ending too, making it 5 endings discovered so far.

Watch all Beyond Two Souls Endings here:

• Ending #1 = Beyond Ending: Shown at 8:43 minutes.
• Ending #2 = Life Ending: Shown at 18:11 minutes.
• Ending #3 = Jay Ending: Shown at 30:29 minutes.
• Ending #4 = Zoey Ending: Shown at 34:27 minutes.
• Ending #5 = Alone Ending: Shown at 37:37 minutes.

How about that open ending? With Quantic Dream never having made a sequel before, do you think we’ll ever see a continuation?

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