Beyond Two Souls Bonuses Locations Guide

Welcome to the Beyond Two Souls Bonuses locations guide that helps you find the total of 22 Bonuses locations for the PS3 interactive psychological action thriller game.

Finding all 22 Bonus locations and picking them up will help unlock the following…
* Trophy: “Explorer” (Silver Trophy) — Found all the bonuses.
* Unlockables: As the name implies, each bonus you collect unlocks extras like behind-the-scenes videos, design packs & trailers in the Main Menu.

The Timeline for all these in-game Bonuses locations is listed below.

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Beyond Two Souls Bonuses

Tip: You unlock the Bonuses right after collecting them, so you can exit the game to the Main Menu to view them.

How to find missing Bonuses?: In-game the Bonuses will appear simply as a blue dot, that indicates an interaction point for Aiden. Once you get near it, it’ll change into an ethereal blue light that moves like a flame from the ground up. Aiden can interact with it when you get near it by moving the two analog sticks over the spot, which results it in being picked up to collect it. It can be confirmed as being Bonuses after you’ve grabbed it, as the on-screen text will then tell you that “You have unlocked a NEW BONUS!”

Note: After you collect all 20 Bonuses (and receive the 2 you get after you finish the game) the Trophy will unlock.

Does the game save each Bonus you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Bonuses you just collected if you picked up the Bonus, so you don’t have to play to the end of the Chapter. After picking up each collectible you can safely quit the Chapter without losing collectibles progress.

Where can I view my actual rewards?: You can access the unlocked behind-the-scenes videos, trailers & design pack artwork from the Main Menu’s Additional Content screen, by going to the “Bonus” section and then confirming which of the extras you want to view.

Where to find all Bonuses in Beyond Two Souls? The in-game collectibles locations for the Bonuses are described in this detailed video guide.

The Bonuses are listed in the video in the order that they appear.

Timeline in minutes for the Bonuses Locations Guide:

• Bonus Location #1 – 0:03 – Unlocks: Design Pack 1
• Bonus Location #2 – 0:35 – Unlocks: Trailer
• Bonus Location #3 – 1:14 – Unlocks: Design Pack 2
• Bonus Location #4 – 1:40 – Unlocks: Design Pack 3
• Bonus Location #5 – 2:11 – Unlocks: Design Pack 4
• Bonus Location #6 – 2:38 – Unlocks: Design Pack 5
• Bonus Location #7 – 3:12 – Unlocks: The Casting
• Bonus Location #8 – 3:47 – Unlocks: Design Pack 6
• Bonus Location #9 – 4:28 – Unlocks: Design Pack 7
• Bonus Location #10 – 5:09 – Unlocks: Kara
• Bonus Location #11 – 5:34 – Unlocks: Origins
• Bonus Location #12 – 6:00 – Unlocks: Design Pack 8
• Bonus Location #13 – 6:30 – Unlocks: Visual Arts
• Bonus Location #14 – 6:59 – Unlocks: Design Pack 9
• Bonus Location #15 – 7:36 – Unlocks: Performance Capture
• Bonus Location #16 – 7:59 – Unlocks: Design Pack 10
• Bonus Location #17 – 8:50 – Unlocks: The Gameplay
• Bonus Location #18 – 9:32 – Unlocks: Design Pack 11
• Bonus Location #19 – 10:12 – Unlocks: Design Pack 12
• Bonus Location #20 – 10:42 – Unlocks: Design Pack 13
• Bonus Location #21 – Unlocks: The Sorcerer. You’ll get it after finishing the “Black Sun” & “Epilogue” Chapters and completing the game.
• Bonus Location #22 – Unlocks: Design Pack 14. You’ll get it after finishing the “Black Sun” & “Epilogue” Chapters and completing the game.

There you go! All Bonuses in Beyond Two Souls are yours! 🙂

Check out all the design pack artworks in a row here:

Here’s one of the making of videos that goes behind-the-scenes on the Visual Arts:

Huge thanks to XCV for the guide video and tips.

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