Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough

Chapter 20: Norah Grey

Chapter 21: Briefing

Chapter 22: Dragon’s Hideout

Trophies Unlocked in this Chapter:
* Eye for an Eye (Bronze) – Didn’t speak during the interrogation.
* Agent 894732 (Bronze) – Told the truth during the interrogation.
* Almost Too Easy (Bronze) – Went to the containment shield with the General.

Chapter 23: Hauntings

Chapter 24: Black Sun

This is the final Chapter to the story that leads into the BEYOND: Two Souls ending.

Trophies that can be Unlocked at the end of this Chapter:
* Chose Afterlife (Bronze) – Entered the Infraworld.
* Chose Life (Bronze) – Stayed in reality.
* Convince Dawkins (Bronze) – Helped Dawkins see the truth.
* Black Sun Down (Bronze) – Deactivated the Black Sun.
* A Better World (Silver) – Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld.
* Explorer (Silver) – Found all the bonuses.
* Saved All (Gold) – Saved every character that could be saved.


Trophies that can be Unlocked at the end of this Chapter:
* The End (Silver) – One possible reality has been uncovered…
* All Endings… (Gold) – Saw all endings.

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DLC Chapter: Advanced Experiments

How To Get It: If you pre-ordered Beyond: Two Souls at GameStop in America or EB Games in Canada you were upgraded to a free Special Edition, in which you received an exclusive 30-minute playable additional DLC Chapter titled “Advanced Experiments”. Which is actually set to a 30-minute countdown, so it takes less time to complete.
No doubt this DLC Chapter will become available as paid DLC later in 2013.

How To Start It: Once you’ve entered the code and downloaded this DLC, you can access it from the Main Menu’s Additional Content screen, by going to the Download Content section and starting “Advanced Experiments”.

Description: In this scene, you’ll test your rapid problem-solving skills as you guide Jodie and the mysterious entity Aiden through a series of tough training missions. Over the course of 30 minutes of additional play, you’ll determine your ability to use your brain while keeping an ice-cool head in high-pressure situations — all while helping Jodie and Aiden collaborate to solve puzzles.

Here’s how to complete the included DLC Chapter within 10 minutes:

Thanks to XCV for the walkthrough videos.

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