Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough

Chapter 15: Separation

Chapter 16: The Dinner

Important: You won’t be able to unlock the ‘In Love with Ryan’ Trophy if you encountered the attackers in the bar in “Chapter 12: Like Other Girls”. To avoid that scenario, read the steps detailed at the Chapter 12 description on Page 3.

Trophies Unlocked in this Chapter:
* Perfect Lover (Bronze) – Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.
* Casual Girl (Bronze) – Ordered a pizza, watched some TV and wore something casual.
* In Love with Ryan (Bronze) – Slept with Ryan. (As Aiden do nothing and let them talk; As Jodie wear a red dress and give Ryan a kiss)

Chapter 17: Night Session

This short section explains what happened to the doctor Nathan Dawkins’s wife and young daughter.

Chapter 18: The Mission

Trophyies Unlocked in this Chapter:
* Stealth Master (Bronze) – Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.

Chapter 19: Old Friends

Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough continues on Page 5 with Chapter 20: Norah Grey.