Beyond Two Souls Trophies Guide

The Beyond Two Souls trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 interactive psychological action thriller game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 46 Trophies (43 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (36), Silver (6), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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Beyond Two Souls Trophies Guide

Since many trophies here are tied to story elements — to avoid spoilers — you should really finish the game at least once before going trophy hunting.

1. BEYOND: TWO SOULS MASTER (Platinum) — Collected all trophies!

2. Two Souls (Bronze) — Launched a scene in Duo mode.

Tips: What this vague trophy description means is that you have to start & finish a scene (also known as a Chapter) in the game’s “Duo mode”. In “Duo mode” is for two players, where one player gets to control Jodie and the second player takes over whenever there’s a moment you can control Aiden.
You can activate the “Duo mode” for two players by going to the Main Menu’s Chapter Select screen, and then choosing the “Dual mode” option. It’s recommended you pick one of the shorter Chapters early on in the game to unlock this trophy the fast way, it’ll pop up after you finish the Chapter.

Requirements: You’ll need two PlayStation 3 controllers. Or alternatively you can use one PlayStation 3 controller and one mobile phone (needs to be a smartphone*) to handle the controls for Jodie and Aiden.
*Note that for both, but Apple iOS devices specifically, you have to download the BEYOND Touch app here. The app can be used on any iOS device to replace your wireless controller. All you’ll need is for your PlayStation 3 system to be on the same WiFi network as your iOS device and you’ll be ready to play the game with touch controls.

Quick Method: After you’ve finished the game, simply go to the “Epilogue” scene from the Chapter Select screen. Start it in Duo mode, wait 10 seconds, and then exit to the Main Menu and you’re done. Tada! – Thanks for the tip to Jeremy.

3. All Endings… (Gold) — Saw all endings.

Tip: After you finish the game, you can replay any Chapter by selecting a scene name from the Main Menu’s Chapter Select screen. If you replay the final Chapter, named “Chapter 22: Black Sun”, then you’ll be able to make different choices each time. Sadly, for the ‘letting everyone live or die’ endings you’ll have to play the Chapters all the way from “Homeless” to the end.

Note: There are 5 main endings if you’re only interested in the story, since you either die or live and get 4 choices to live out your life. All endings are basically a series of small cutscenes patched together. Discovered so far are 24 different endings, which result from a good or bad ending choice that you’re given in the final chapter of the game. As well as who lives or dies throughout the game, here’s a step-by-step guide and video.

STEP #1: SAVED ALL ENDINGS (No Character Dies). To see all endings, play the game through and prevent the following characters from dying: Walter, Jimmy, Paul, Norah, Cole, Ryan.
You will need to choose either life or beyond at the end of Black Sun. If you choose life, you will have to chapter select the epilogue (select save progress) and play it four times and select each of the four choices. Beyond only has one ending.
Once you complete the epilogue for either Life or Beyond, you will have to replay Black Sun and choose the other ending.

STEP #2: A BETTER WORLD ENDINGS (All characters Die). For these endings, you will have to allow the following people to die: Walter, Jimmy, Paul, Norah, Cole, Ryan.
If you played the Saved All Endings first, you’ll need to go back and let each of the six characters listed above die. You don’t have to start a fresh game. Simply start in the chapter “Homeless”. NOTE – You CAN NOT skip ahead after saving characters. You will have to play from Homeless onward without skipping chapters. You can also start a new game and all your endings progress will still be saved. You may want to start a new game if you need the “Together till the End” trophy.
When you get to the Black Sun, choose Beyond and then replay Black Sun and choose life and select the Alone ending.

STEP #3: This can be done at anytime. Let Jodie die at the end of Black Sun. Right after your encounter with Nathan where he diesa and gets reunited with his family, you will meet a bunch of entities. Fail all the QTE’s and jodie will die and you’ll get this single ending.

Hidden Trophies:

[Important: How to unlock a lot of these story-based trophies is shown in our Beyond: Two Souls Walkthrough]

4. Somebody Else? (Bronze) — Played as Aiden for the first time.

5. Obedience (Bronze) — Stopped the experiment voluntarily.

Location: In “The Experiment” Chapter.
After doing the tasks the researchers request from you, they’ll tell you to stop. Then still as Aiden stop moving stuff in the room with the scared lady and go back to the room with Jodie to get the prompt to stop the experiment.

6. Teammates (Bronze) — Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden.

Location: In the “My Imaginary Friend” Chapter.
As Aiden, put the chairs on the table, get a cookie from the cookie jar (have Jodie ask for it first), and lastly turn on the radio.

7. Entities Apprentice (Bronze) — Vanquished the entities with Aiden.

8. Sorry (Bronze) — Forgave Jodie’s father.
9. Not My Father (Bronze) — Choked Philip with Aiden.

Location: Both of these trophies can be unlocked by replaying the “Alone” Chapter.
The first time make sure Aiden doesn’t do anything to Jodie’s aggressive dad.
The second time Aiden can give him a good choking for leaving you alone in a lab!

10. Revenge (Bronze) — Taught 3 or more of the teens a lesson, or started the house fire, with Aiden.

Location: In “The Party” Chapter.
After the mean kids put Jodie in the Harry Potter closet, use Aiden to get out, and then take revenge on them.

Note: To set the house on fire Aiden has to interact with the table with the photos that’s next to the window (the birthday girl is hiding next to it). When you move the table the lighted candle falls on the floor, interact with the candle to set the house on fire.
Now turn on the Prodigy’s “Firestarter” song and you’ll have the perfect revenge playing out! 😀

11. Cold Blood (Bronze) — Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.

Location: In “The Party” Chapter.
When you’re around the other kids, do NOT press the Triangle button to control Aiden. Only once they lock you in the Harry Potter closet, use Aiden to get out, and then leave the mean kids party. You just have to make sure you resist the temptation to take revenge, hehe.

12. Together Forever (Bronze) — Protected Jodie from her attackers.

Location: In the “Like Other Girls” Chapter.

Quick Method: The easiest way to pass the guards when attempting this Trophy is when you meet with the lobby guard. In order to avoid his touch, when prompted press X for “Speak”… is before you arrive at his post — when entering the car — is to hide in the trunk. Then the guard at the gate will let Cole through without question. Then at the bar use Aiden to protect Jodie and kill her pure evil attackers! – Thanks for the tip to Melan-E.

13. Portal Shutdown (Bronze) — Successfully shut down the condenser portal.

14. Channeling Master (Bronze) — Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound.

Location: In “The Condenser” Chapter.
There are a total of 8 dead bodies in this chapter that can be channeled. You need to walk up to them with Jodie and use the right stick to start the process.

The body locations are as follows:
#1 (0:05) – You will automatically find this body when entering the elevator. Cannot be missed.
#2 (0:35) – After exiting the elevator you need to open a door with Aiden. Behind this door, on a table is the dead body.
#3 (1:14) – In the server room, right after the previous dead body.
#4 (1:37) – After climbing through an air vent you will come to a burning office. The body will be in front of you after jumping down the air vent.
#5 (2:14) – After breaking the window in the burning office you will see this body next to a soda machine.
#6 (2:57) – Body of a fireman in the same room as the previous body.
#7 (3:17) – Body of a dead soldier after the fight with the possessed scientist. It’s in the burning corridor.
#8 (3:41) – The final body is in the condenser control room, after making it through the frozen corridor.

15. Perfect Soldier (Bronze) — Completed most of the physical training successfully.
16. Fight Apprentice (Bronze) — Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.
17. Stealth Apprentice (Bronze) — Completed all stealth training without being spotted.

Location: In the “Welcome To The CIA” Chapter.
Here’s a detailed video guide designed to help you get these 3 Trophies during the Chapter:

18. Clean Job (Bronze) — Shut down the monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden.

Location: In “The Embassy” Chapter.
Once Jodie’s in the toilet and you get control of Aiden, take him upstairs.
First, go to the guard’s lobby to pause the camera monitor, after distracting him with the TV.
Second, go to the Sheik’s room, in his right drawer is the switch that moves the painting to reveal a vault, and then open the up the safe to read the classified papers.

19. Possessive Spy (Bronze) — Finished the mission using only the Sheik.

Location: In “The Embassy” Chapter.
Once Jodie’s in the toilet and you get control of Aiden, go back into the ballroom and take over the Sheik’s body as he walks away from talking to groups of people. Then walk him up the red carpet stairs and into his room, in his right drawer is the switch that moves the painting to reveal a safe; use the Sheik’s hand scanner to open up the safe and get the classified papers.

20. Casual Girl (Bronze) — Ordered a pizza, watched some TV and wore something casual.

Location: In “The Dinner” Chapter.
Before Ryan arrives take a shower, and choose the casual “Cool” option for clothing to wear from the bedroom closet.

21. Perfect Lover (Bronze) — Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.
22. In Love with Ryan (Bronze) — Slept with Ryan.

Tip: In “Chapter 16: The Dinner”, if you can’t get Jodie to sleep with Ryan (well, there’s something I never thought I’d type on a gaming site LOL!). Well, here’s help. If romancing Ryan fails time and again, that’s because of a choice made during Jodie’s teenager years that results in her having a traumatic experience. To prevent this do the following…

Location: During “Chapter 12: Like Other Girls”, upon exiting the lab and entering Cole’s car with him (Aiden’s controlling him) to go to a bar on Saturday night, you have to stay seated in the front of the car and select the “Start the car” option. Then when you drive up to the security gates, let the now-suspicious guard walk up to the car. Do NOT press any of the on-screen indicated buttons and you’ll find the guard will end up touching Cole… releasing him from Aiden’s control and ending the Chapter with no bad memories of that night! 🙂

Important Note: Other than the above mentioned, get Jodie to cook, clean, shower, wear the elegant red dress, and put on some music. Then during the dinner, whenever the game switches to Aiden do nothing and let them talk, and end the night with a kiss.

23. Stealth Master (Bronze) — Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.

24. Catch Me if You Can (Bronze) — Escaped the train without being arrested.

Location: In the “Hunted” Chapter.
Practice your moves, as you’ll need to counter everything the police throw at you, up until you jump off the top of the moving train.

25. Aiden’s Apocalypse (Bronze) — Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store and the helicopter.

Location: In the “Hunted” Chapter.
At the end of this chapter you will be driving a motorbike. You will come to a point where you have to cross a bridge. Make sure to protect Jodie with Aiden while crossing over. If you fail to protect Jodie, you will be captured by the police and won’t be able to get this trophy.
After the motorbike sequence you will come to a town and will be playing as Aiden. Do the following:

#1 (Gas Station) – loosen the two fuel hoses, possess the SWAT officer near the gas station and shoot the fuel.
#2 (Gun Store) – Move to the opposite side of the area. In front of the building with the “Hunting Cabin” sign is a SWAT vehicle. Possess the officer and ram the vehicle into the Hunting Cabin.
#3 (Church) – Fly up to the Church Tower and smash it two times with Aiden, so that it breaks down.
#4 (Helicopter) – After opening the door for Jodie, a helicopter should come in. Possess the pilot and crash the helicopter.

26. Houdini (Bronze) — Got arrested three times and escaped each time.

Location: In the “Hunted” Chapter.

Arrest & Escape #1. In the train let the police officers catch up to you 3 three times, each time use Aiden to help Jodie get loose, and escape the train compartment by taking out the guard.
Arrest & Escape #2. After you jump off the top of the moving train, let the police dogs catch you in the forest (but don’t let them kill you). Then escape the police by choking the officers, grab his keys, and get away with the police bike (while Aiden distracts the other officers).
Arrest & Escape #3. As you make your escape on the police bike, the moment the police helicopter puts its spotlight on you, stop your bike in the middle of the road until the SWAT officer arrests you. Escape the SWAT van by following the button prompts for Aiden.

27. Money to Eat (Bronze) — Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner.

Location: In the “Homeless” Chapter.
After begging with Stan, Jodie gets up to try elsewhere. It’s then you walk forward until you meet another homeless man who lends you his guitar. After tuning the guitar, keep playing it until Jodie automatically stops at night. Then go back to Stan with a wad of cash.

28. Smart Thief (Bronze) — Deactivated the supermarket’s camera.

Location: In the “Homeless” Chapter.
As you open up the store’s automatic door, don’t forget to also have Aiden turn off the camera that’s aimed straight at the entrance.

Listen to Jodie sing the “Fighting for a lost cause” song here:

29. Miracles (Bronze) — Looked after Tuesday’s baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan.

Location: In the “Homeless” Chapter.
As Jodie talk to everyone, and as Aiden help all your homeless friends with their problems.

30. Medicine Girl (Bronze) — Successfully performed the entire ritual.

31. Not Just Sand (Bronze) — Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.

Location: In the “Navajo” Chapter.

Here are all the actions to perform in chronological order:
01. Jumping the fence: Up
02. Dodging the wood plank: Left
03. Jumping the second fence: Up
04. Ducking the barrel: Down
05. Dodging the hand (1st time): Right
06. Dodging the hand (2nd time): Down
07. Dodging the hand (3rd time): Down
08. Busting through the door: Up
09. Grabbing your leg: Up and down using entire controller
10. Dodging the water tank: Right
11. Dodging the hand (1st time): Right
12. Dodging the hand (2nd time): Left
13. Dodging the hand (3rd time): Left
14. Holding you: Use Aiden

32. Eye for an Eye (Bronze) — Didn’t speak during the interrogation.

33. Agent 894732 (Bronze) — Told the truth during the interrogation.

34. Almost Too Easy (Bronze) — Went to the containment shield with the General.

35. Chose Afterlife (Bronze) — Entered the Infraworld.

36. Chose Life (Bronze) — Stayed in reality.

37. Convince Dawkins (Bronze) — Helped Dawkins see the truth.

38. Black Sun Down (Bronze) — Deactivated the Black Sun.

39. The End (Silver) — One possible reality has been uncovered…

40. Uncontrollable (Silver) — Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden.

Important: This trophy cannot be unlocked via Chapter Select. You have to start a new game from scratch and play all the way to “The Dinner” without ever skipping a chapter. After finishing the last of six listed Chapters, the trophy will unlock during the loading screen.

The 6 evil requirements you need to fulfill are:
#1 – The Experiment (0:05) – Choke the woman Kathleen during the experiment. You need to destroy as many objects as possible to make her vulnerable to Aiden’s choke attack.
#2 – The Embassy (2:19) – Possess the guard on the second floor and make him jump over the railing off the balcony to commit suicide.
#3 – The Party (3:02) – After being locked up in the Harry Potter closet, choose “Revenge”, attack the teenagers at the party and start a housefire with one of the candles, or the oven.
#4 – My Imaginary Friend (5:53) – When playing in the snow, choke the kid that attacks Jodie.
#5 – Alone (6:26) – Choke the foster dad Philip when he leaves the room.
#6 – The Dinner (7:14) – Cause mischief until Ryan gets uncomfortable and leaves Jodie’s apartment.

41. Never Alone (Silver) — Started at least one romance.

42. Entities Master (Silver) — Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities.

Locations: In the Chapters “The Condenser” & “First Night”.
Win every battle against the dark entities by having Aiden execute every interaction prompt that’s presented to you during these Jodie protection scenes.

43. A Better World (Silver) — Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld.

These are the characters you can choose to let die:
– Walter & Jimmy in the “Homeless” Chapter,
– Paul in the “Navajo” Chapter,
– Norah Grey in the “Old Friends / “Norah” Chapter, and
– Cole & Ryan in the final “Black Sun” Chapter.

PS: You are a mean person if you let everyone die! Or you really want that Trophy, haha.

44. Explorer (Silver) — Found all the bonuses.

Tip: To find all 22, check out our Beyond Two Souls Bonuses Locations Guide

45. Together Till the End (Gold) — Finished the game in Duo mode.

46. Saved All (Gold) — Saved every character that could be saved.

Special thanks to XCV, Sony, Powerpyx, Xonevant, PS3trophies, Melan-E, Jeremy & Robert S for the tips & guide videos.

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