PES 2014 Tricks, Tips & Skills Guide

23 September 2013
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PES 2014 Tricks Tips

Welcome to the PES 2014 tricks, tips & skills guide that helps you improve your Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 football skills in the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, 3DS soccer sports game.

The timeline for all the in-game tips & tricks is listed below.

Index of PES 2014 Guides:

PES 2014 Tricks & Tips

These button combinations work to execute skill moves on the PlayStation systems, Xbox 360 console, and with a PC controller. Best used by skillfull players.

This tutorial shows how to perform all tricks & skill moves in PES 2014 including the new skills.

Timeline for the video guide per feint skill in minutes:

0:16 Rotate Foot Over Ball
0:24 Double Touch
0:33 Deft Touch Dribbling
0:50 Nutmeg
1:01 Knock and run around
1:09 Sombrero Flick
1:18 Ball Lift
1:30 Rainbow Flick
1:40 Flip Flap
1:49 Inside Bounce
1:58 Inside Bounce Diagonal Take
2:09 V Feint
2:18 L Feint
2:29 Dragback
2:40 Dragback Fake
2:51 Drag Through
2:57 Marseille Turn
3:06 Cross Over Turn
3:15 Stepover Dummy
3:22 Reverse Stepover Dummy
3:26 Outside Stepover
3:34 Stepover Pullthrough
3:41 Stepover
3:47 Sidewards Stepover
3:56 Body Feint
4:00 Matthews Feint
4:05 Matthews Feint Side Take
4:12 Dive

Translation Key from PS3 Button to Xbox 360 Button:

Circle = B
Triangle = Y
Square = X
X = A
L1 = LB
L2 = LT
R1 = RB
R2 = RT

Credits: SmakedGaming


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