Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicles Guide

Our Grand Theft Auto 5 vehicles guide will show you how to unlock all Grand Theft Auto 5 vehicles that you get to handle in this open world action-adventure. Get ready to race the roads and fly the skies with these 223+ awesome vehicles!

The Grand Theft Auto 5 vehicles strategy guide and a full vehicles list follows here-under.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicles Guide

How To Unlock Vehicles In Grand Theft Auto 5

How to save vehicles in GTA 5?: Save vehicles by parking them in your garage. — Vehicles you own and abandon on the streets no longer disappear, instead they are sent to an impound lot and you can pay to retrieve them. They can also be insured and you can get a replacement for a premium if you damage them a lot.

How to customize your car in GTA 5?: Players can customize the way a vehicle handles at shops found around the city. Pay a visit to “Los Santos Customs: Auto Repairs” to see all the car upgrade & customization options.

How to fix your car for free?: If your car is broken and you’re in the middle of nowhere, then here’s an easy way to repair any vehicle you’re in. Push up on the Directional-Pad to open up your phone, then Quick Save the game with the middle-left button on the phone. Now load the save you just made and the car will be fixed!

Let’s begin the unlockable vehicles guide with the Rockstar Games Social Club members-exclusive Annis Elegy RH8. Everyone gets this sports car for free by registering membership (for free) at the official website at Then it’s a simple matter of linking your game to your new account and the Annis Elegy RH8 will be available from your garage by holding right on the Directional-Pad for you to choose it and then race in. Here’s a video of it in action…

This next video guide shows the exact location of the Truffade Adder super car. This may be the fastest car in the game! It frequently spawns at the parking spaces on Rockford Hills near the barber shop.

Lastly, here’s how to get the Atomic Blimp bonus. It’s free DLC on the redeem code in all day-one copies of the game. This video guide explains everything from dialing the Blimp, where to find it, to controlling it.

[Work-In-Progress: I’ll be adding more secret vehicles on Sunday!]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicles List


• Dinka Marquis
• Nagasaki Dinghy
• Police Predator
• Shitzu Jetmax
• Shitzu Squalo
• Shitzu Suntrap
• Shitzu Tropic
• Speedophile Seashark
• Submersible


• Brute Stockade
• HVY Biff
• JoBuilt Hauler
• JoBuilt Phantom
• Maibatsu Mule
• MTL Packer
• MTL Pounder
• Vapid Benson


• Dinka Blista
• Karin Dilettante
• Weeny Issi


• Bollokan Prairie
• Dewbauchee Exemplar
• Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio
• Lampadati Felon
• Lampadati Felon GT
• Ocelot F620
• Ocelot Jackal
• Ubermacht Zion
• Ubermacht Zion Cabrio


• Cruiser
• Endurex Race Bike
• Fixter
• Scorcher
• Tri-Cycles Race Bike
• Whippet Race Bike


• Ambulance
• Fire Truck
• Lifeguard
• Park Ranger
• Police Bike
• Police Cruiser
• Police Prison Bus
• Police Riot
• Police Transporter
• Sheriff Cruiser
• Sheriff SUV
• Unmarked Cruiser


• Annihilator
• Buzzard
• Buzzard Attack Chopper
• Cargobob
• Frogger
• Maverick
• Police Maverick
• Skylift


• Brute Tipper
• Dock Handler
• HVY Dozer
• HVY Dump
• HVY Mixer
• JoBuilt Rubble
• JoBuilt Flatbed
• Tipper


• Barracks
• Canis Crusader
• HVY Barracks Semi
• Rhino Tank


• Dinka Akuma
• Dinka Double-T
• LCC Hexer
• Maibatsu Sanchez
• Nagasaki Carbon RS — How To Unlock: This sports bike is Bonus DLC included with the Collector’s Editions.
• Pegassi Bati 801
• Pegassi Bati 801RR
• Pegassi Faggio
• Pegassi Ruffian
• Principe Nemesis
• Shitzu PCJ 600
• Shitzu Vader
• Western Bagger
• Western Daemon


• Bravado Buccaneer
• Bravado Gauntlet
• Cheval Picador
• Declasse Sabre Turbo
• Declasse Vigero
• Declasse Voodoo
• Hotknife — How To Unlock: This Open frame 1930’s style hotrod is Bonus DLC included with the Collector’s Editions.
• Imponte Phoenix
• Imponte Ruiner
• Rat-Loader
• Vapid Dominator


• BF Dune Buggy
• BF Injection
• Bravado Duneloader
• Canis Bodhi
• Declasse Rancher XL
• Karin Rebel
• Nagasaki Blazer Lifeguard
• Nagasaki Blazer
• Space Docker Dune Buggy — How To Unlock: In exchange for collecting all 50 Spaceship Parts, you get a unique Dune Buggy called the off-road Space Docker. To find all 50 parts to make the low gravity vehicle available, check out our Grand Theft Auto 5 Spaceship Parts Locations Guide.
• Vapid Sandking SWB
• Vapid Sandking XL


• Buckingham Luxor
• Buckingham Shamal
• Cuban 800
• Duster
• Mallard
• Mammatus
• P-996 LAZER
• Titan
• Velum


• Albany Emperor
• Albany Primo
• Albany Washington
• Benefactor Schafter
• Chariot Romero Hearse
• Cheval Fugitive
• Cheval Surge
• Declasse Asea
• Declasse Premier
• Dundreary Regina
• Dundreary Stretch
• Karin Asterope
• Karin Intruder
• Obey Tailgater
• Vapid Stanier
• Vulcan Ingot
• Zirconium Stratum


• Airport Bus
• Atomic Blimp — How To Unlock: Bonus DLC code is included with all launch copies of GTA 5. Redeem the code, and then dial the Blimp from your mobile phone to make it appear.
• Bus
• Dashhound
• Rental Shuttle Bus
• Taxi
• Tourbus
• Trashmaster


• Annis Elegy RH8 — How To Unlock: This sports car is available for Story Mode & GTA Online to Rockstar Games Social Club members (registration is free here). You can find it in your garage, by holding right on the Directional-Pad for you to choose it.
• Benefactor Feltzer
• Benefactor Schwartzer
• Benefactor Surano
• Benefactor Banshee
• Bravado Buffalo
• Dewbauchee Rapid GT
• Dewbauchee Rapid GT Soft Top
• Enus Super Diamond
• Grotti Carbonizzare
• Invetero Coquette
• Karin Futo
• Karin Sultan
• Khamelion — How To Unlock: This electric car is Bonus DLC for GTA Online included with the Collector’s Editions.
• Maibatsu Penumbra
• Obey 9F
• Obey 9F Cabrio
• Pfister Comet
• Schyster Fusilade
• Ubermacht Oracle 1
• Ubermacht Oracle 2
• Ubermacht Sentinel
• Ubermacht Sentinel XS

Sports Classics:

• Albany Manana
• Declasse Tornado
• Dewbauchee JB 700
• Grotti Stinger
• Grotti Stinger GT
• Pegassi Monroe
• Truffade Z-Type
• Vapid Peyote


• Coil Voltic
• Grotti Cheetah
• Overflod Entity XF
• Pegassi Infernus (Lamborghini)
• Pegasi Vacca
• Truffade Adder (Bugatti Veyron) — How To Unlock: Often can be found at the parking spaces on Rockford Hills, in the blocks surrounding the barber shop.
• Vapid Bullet


• Albany Cavalcade (Classic Version)
• Albany Cavalcade (Modern Version)
• Benefactor Dubsta
• Benefactor Serrano
• Bravado Gresley
• Canis Mesa
• Canis Seminole
• Declasse Granger
• Dundreary Landstalker
• Emperor Habanero
• Fathom FQ 2
• Gallivanter Baller
• Gallivanter Baller (Version 2)
• Karin BeeJay XL
• Mammoth Patriot
• Obey Rocoto
• Vapid Radius


• Airtug
• Caddy
• Docktug
• Lawn Mower
• Ripley
• Scrap Truck
• Stanley Fieldmaster
• Towtruck
• Towtruck (Classic)
• Tractor
• Utility Truck
• Utility Truck (Version 2)
• Vapid Sadler


• BF Surfer
• Boxville
• Bravado Bison
• Bravado Rumpo
• Bravado Youga
• Brute Boxville
• Brute Camper
• Brute Pony
• Declasse Burrito
• Declasse Gang Burrito
• Taco Van
• Vapid Bobcat XL
• Vapid Minivan
• Vapid Speedo
• Zirconium Journey

Credits: Vehicle guide by Maka, TheE115Project, Typicalgamer, Deathmule; vehicles list by Wiki.

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