Grand Theft Auto 5 Flight School Lessons Guide

20 September 2013
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Grand Theft Auto 5 Flight School Lessons Guide

Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto 5 Flight School lessons guide that helps you get a Gold Medal / perfect rating on the total of 12 Flight School lessons in Grand Theft Auto 5, early on in the Xbox 360 & PS3 open world action-adventure game.

Where to find the Flight School in Grand Theft Auto 5? The Flight School Lessons are shown in the below guide.

Index of Grand Theft Auto 5 Guides:

Grand Theft Auto 5 Flight School lessons Guide

How to get a Gold Medal ranking in all 12 Flight School Lessons:

The in-game location for the Flight School at the Los Santos International Airport is shown in this detailed video guide that teaches you how to fly like a pro.

Reward: Upon completion of all 12 Flying Lessons you will have maxed out your Flying Skill!

Here we show you how to get a perfect Gold rating on all of the lessons available at the Flight School, 8 in an airplane, 2 in a helicopter, and 2 for skydiving.

Timeline in minutes for the Flight School Guide:

• Flight School Lesson #1: Training Take Off @ 0:52
• Flight School Lesson #2: Runway Landing @ 1:32
• Flight School Lesson #3: Inverted Flight @ 2:15
• Flight School Lesson #4: Knife Flight @ 3:54
• Flight School Lesson #5: Flat Hatting @4:54
• Flight School Lesson #6: Touch Down @ 7:17
• Flight School Lesson #7: Loop the Loop @ 8:05
• Flight School Lesson #8: Helicopter Course @ 9:43
• Flight School Lesson #9: Helicopter Speed Run @ 12:25
• Flight School Lesson #10: Skydiving @ 14:48
• Flight School Lesson #11: Drop Zone @ 16:26
• Flight School Lesson #12: Earn Your Wings @ 17:48

Thanks to Typicalgamer for the guide video and tips.

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