Grand Theft Auto 5 Map

Here you’ll find a picture of the giant Grand Theft Auto 5 map with airplane & car tours across the entire world map to show you its size! 🙂

As with all prior Grand Theft Auto games, the retail versions of the game come with a map packed in. To quote Rockstar: “One big change though with this game is that with a world of this size, we created a double-sided map based poster to make sure players have all the information they might need to discover and explore the world. — The blueprint map in the other editions does contain plenty of additional information and secrets on it.”

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Map

The Grand Theft Auto 5 map is bigger than the maps from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption put together!

Rockstar added that the land mass is 3.5 times bigger than that of Red Dead Redemption, including forests, deserts, a military base, Los Santos city and the rural expanses of Blaine County, all complete with their own ecosystem. And the underwater portions are 1.5 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption, Underwater Exploration involves huge ship wrecks, sunken oil rigs, caves, reefs, and more.

Click on the image thumbnail to see the full-size Grand Theft Auto 5 World Map:

How big is Grand Theft Auto 5?

Let’s fly an airplane over the entire map, from end to end!

Want to see the whole of Grand Theft Auto 5’s San Andreas from the ground?

Watch this race from Los Santos to Mount Chilliad and back in 15 minutes!

Do you want to explore all the locations on the map?

Here are all of the properties like stores, tennis court, tattoo parlor, suburban, strip club, strangers & freaks, scene race, triathlon, helipad, hanger, statehouse, puerto del sol marina, vehicle impound, ponsonbys, mask, garage and more.

Is the Grand Theft Auto 5 map big enough for you?