Grand Theft Auto 5 Endings Guide

17 September 2013
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Grand Theft Auto 5 Endings Guide

Here’s the Grand Theft Auto 5 Endings Guide. It shows how to get the best ending in Grand Theft Auto 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 spoilers ahead!

Don’t worry too much if you have not finished the game yet. CNN research from Activision & Raptr showed that on average a huge 90% of gamers do not finish their games!!

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Endings

Here are all three endings to Grand Theft Auto 5 after playing through the open world action-adventure’s single-player story campaign.

The ending you get depends on the following…

The campaign has three different endings. Watch all Grand Theft Auto 5 Endings:

Ending A: “Something Sensible” starts at 0:00 minutes in the first video guide. In this ending, Franklin agrees to the FIB agent’s request for him to eliminate Trevor.

Ending B: “The Time’s Come” starts at 3:30 minutes in the first video guide. In this ending, Franklin agrees to Devin’s request to eliminate Michael.

Ending C: “The Third Way” starts at 0:00 minutes in the second video guide. In this ending, Franklin puts himself, Michael and Trevor through an expected suicide gauntlet; fighting off both the FIB’s strike teams and Devin’s Merryweather troops.

How to get the best ending: To get the best ending you do not need to complete every challenge in one run. If you die during the final mission “The Third Way” (or any mission), you automatically fail the Time and Accuracy challenges.

To get the Gold medal on “The Third Way” for the best ending, you must complete the following challenges:

– Time: Complete within 21:30
– Headshots: Kill 20 enemies with a headshot
– Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%
– Stick, Tick… Boom!: Kill Cheng with a Sticky Bomb
– Lead Lobotomy: Kill Steve Haines with a headshot
– Stretched Out: Kill Stretch with a melee attack

You can see how that’s done in “The Third Way” ending mission Gold walkthrough:

PS: Finishing any ending mission will unlock the “To Live or Die in Los Santos” Achievement / Trophy.

Credits: VesperAzure & WikiGameGuides

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