Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Trophies Guide

10 September 2013
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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Trophies Guide

The Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix trophies guide lists every trophy for the PS3 RPG games and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 110 Trophies (39 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (88), Silver (13), Gold (7), and Platinum (2) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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  • Table of Contents

    Index of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Guides:

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Trophies Guide


    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD Trophies

    1. Game Clear – Beginner (Bronze) — Clear the game on Final Mix: Beginner mode.

    2. Unchanging Armor (Silver) — Clear the game without changing your equipment.

    Tip: It’ll be much easier to finish the game if you set the difficulty mode to “Beginner” with the perks below “Game Clear: Beginner” list.

    3. Undefeated (Silver) — Clear the game without using the “Continue” option.

    4. The Adventure Begins (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole of Traverse Town.

    5. Alice in Wonderland (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole of Wonderland.

    6. Go the Distance (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Olympus Coliseum.

    7. Will Be in My Heart (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.

    8. Whole New World (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Agrabah.

    9. Wish Upon a Star (Bronze) — Escape from Monstro.

    10. Part of Your World (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Atlantica.

    11. This is Halloween (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Halloween Town.

    12. You Can Fly (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Neverland.

    13. Winnie the Pooh (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in 100 Acre Wood.

    Here’s the Torn Pages locations guide to open up all chapters in 100 Acre Woods:

    • The Agrabah Torn Page: Is in Treasure Chest in the Dark Chamber of the Cave of Wonders.
    • The Monstro Torn Page: Found on one of the high platforms in Chamber 6, but you’ll need Glide to get there.
    • The Atlantica Torn Page: Can be found on one of the shelves at the Undersea Gorge.
    • The Halloween Town Torn Page: Can be found on the bookshelf in the Research Lab.
    • The Traverse Town Torn Page: It’ll be your reward for finding 51 Dalmatians. Keep in mind, you’ll have to visit the Dalmatians’ House to get it.

    And here’s a video guide to completing the level and all the mini-games:

    14. Complete Record (Bronze) — Complete all entries on Jiminy’s Memo.

    15. Storyteller (Bronze) — Complete the “Story so far” section of Jiminy’s Memo.

    16. Searcher (Bronze) — Find all of Ansem’s Reports.

    17. Professor (Bronze) — Complete the “Character Encyclopedia” section of Jiminy’s Memo.

    18. Top Breeder (Bronze) — Find all puppies.

    19. Friendship (Bronze) — Find all trinities.

    20. Mini-game Maniac (Bronze) — Complete the “Mini-games” section of Jiminy’s Memo.

    21. King of Synthesis (Bronze) — Create all items in the Synthesis Shop.

    22. Synthesis Newcomer (Bronze) — Create 1 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    23. Synthesis Beginner (Bronze) — Create 3 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    24. Synthesis Senior (Bronze) — Create 15 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    25. Synthesis Expert (Bronze) — Create 30 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    26. Gummi Ship Collector (Bronze) — Obtain all Gummi Ship blueprints.

    27. Customizer (Bronze) — Create your own Gummi Ship.

    28. Top Ace (Bronze) — Clear all Gummi Ship courses.

    29. Test Pilot (Bronze) — Clear Gummi Ship mission 1.

    30. Top Pilot (Bronze) — Clear Gummi Ship mission 2.

    31. Ace Pilot (Bronze) — Clear Gummi Ship mission 3.

    32. Blade Master (Bronze) — Obtain all Keychains.

    33. Magic Master (Bronze) — Obtain all staffs.

    34. Guard Master (Bronze) — Obtain all shields.

    Hidden Trophies:

    35. KINGDOM HEARTS Complete Master (Platinum) — Obtain all trophies.

    36. Game Clear – Proud (Gold) — Clear the game on Final Mix: Proud mode.

    37. Game Clear – Final Mix (Silver) — Clear the game on Final Mix mode.

    38. Speedster (Gold) — Reach The End of the World in less than 15 hours.

    39. The Non-Existant One (Bronze) — Defeat the Mysterious Man in Hollow Bastion.

    40. The Shadow That Lurks in the Clock Tower (Bronze) — Defeat Phantom in the Clock Tower.

    41. The Dancing Sword in the Sand (Bronze) — Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.

    42. Junior Heroes (Bronze) — Clear the Phil Cup.

    43. Newbie Heroes (Bronze) — Clear the Pegasus Cup.

    44. Coliseum Hero (Bronze) — Clear the Hercules Cup.

    45. Coliseum Master (Bronze) — Clear the Hades Cup.

    46. Cold Giant (Bronze) — Defeat Ice Titan in the Gold Match.

    47. One-Winged Angel (Bronze) — Defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Match.

    48. Single Attack Champion (Bronze) — Clear a cup in the coliseum with Sora alone.

    49. Time Attack Champion (Bronze) — Clear the time attack of a cup in the coliseum.

    50. Stopped the level counter (Silver) — Reach level 100.

    51. Treasure Hunter (Bronze) — Open 100 treasure boxes.

    52. Millionaire (Bronze) — Hold over 10 thousand munnies.

    53. Heartless Hunter (Bronze) — Defeat 2000 heartless.

    54. End of the World (Bronze) — Seal the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion.

    55. Flying Ace (Bronze) — Defeat 2500 enemy ships.

    56. Oathkeeper (Bronze) — Receive the Oathkeeper Keychain.

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories HD Trophies

    57. Undefeated (Silver) — Cleared game without using continue

    Tip: It’ll be much easier to finish the game if you set the difficulty mode to “Beginner”, and even easier yet by playing through the shorter Reverse/Rebirth storyline.

    58. Game Clear: Standard with Sora (Bronze) — Cleared Standard Mode with Sora and watched the ending

    59. Game Clear: Standard with Riku (Bronze) — Cleared Standard Mode with Riku and watched the ending

    60. Game Clear: Beginner with Sora (Bronze) — Cleared Beginner Mode with Sora and watched the ending

    61. Game Clear: Beginner with Riku (Bronze) — Cleared Beginner Mode with Riku and watched the ending

    62. Veggie Master (Bronze) — Cleared Veggie Panic minigame with a score of over 150 points

    Location: 100 Acre Wood world.
    Like all the minigames, this can be done during Sora’s storyline. It’ll be the first minigame you’ll have to do in the 100 Acre Wood. Talk to Rabbit to begin the minigame, and don’t fail more than six times.

    63. Ace Pilot (Bronze) — Cleared Balloon Glider minigame with a score of over 500 points

    64. High Jumper (Bronze) — Cleared Tigger’s Jump-a-Thon minigame with a score of over 120 points

    65. Skydiver (Bronze) — Cleared Whirlwind Plunge minigame with a score of over 2,000 points

    66. Bee Buster (Bronze) — Busted 70 bees in under 1min 40sec in the Bumble-Rumble minigame

    Staying focused is key to victory here. Try to hit the bees when they’re all gathered around Pooh, so you can hit more than a single wave with every attack. The last blow of the combo is the most important, since it deals more damage and can even hit 3 bees if they’re all close. Remember that aerial combos are faster than ground combos.

    Use your Wind card ONLY when you need to reload your cards, so you can get the bees out of your and Pooh’s way and reload with calm. Just be careful to not let the bees cardbreak it, so be smart and cardbreak them instead (Wind has value 7, but the bees can use 7 and 8 cards as well).

    When time is running out use the sleight Hunny Storm (Wind Card + Honey Pot) so you can deal huge damage to all surrounding bees. You can defeat 8-9 bees thanks to it, so you might even use the sleight all the time stocking Keyblade + Wind + Honey Pot.

    67. Sleight Master (Silver) — Sora learned all sleights

    68. A Card Crafted From Your Memory (Bronze) — Cleared Floor 1 of Castle Oblivion

    69. Spun Memories (Bronze) — Cleared Floor 5 of Castle Oblivion

    70. True Memories (Bronze) — Cleared Floor 13 of Castle Oblivion

    71. Maximum Attacker (Bronze) — Riku reached maximum Attack Points

    72. Grappling with Darkness (Bronze) — Cleared Basement 12 of Castle Oblivion

    73. The Darkness Within Blocking the Way (Bronze) — Cleared Basement 8 of Castle Oblivion

    74. The Heart Overcoming the Darkness (Bronze) — Cleared Basement 1 of Castle Oblivion

    75. Card Master: Sora (Silver) — Completed the Card Index section of Jiminy’s Journal

    Note: There’s no Darkball enemy card in Sora’s story!

    Here are tips on how to collect all cards:

    76. Storyteller: Sora (Bronze) — Completed the Story section of Jiminy’s Journal

    77. Character Professor: Sora (Bronze) — Completed the Character section of Jiminy’s Journal

    78. Minigame Maniac: Sora (Bronze) — Completed the Minigame section of Jiminy’s Journal

    79. Card Master: Riku (Silver) — Completed the Card Index section of D Report

    80. Storyteller: Riku (Bronze) — Completed the Story section of D Report

    81. Character Professor: Riku (Bronze) — Completed the Character section of D Report

    82. New Card Deck Creator (Bronze) — Assembled first Card Deck

    83. Premium Card Maker (Bronze) — Turned 20 cards into Premium Cards

    Tip: To change cards into Premium Cards you must pick up the Premium Bonus. The following pinning roulette lets you select one card from your deck to become a premium card (and you still have the option to not do that too). Premium Bonuses appear more often in White and Black Room Map Cards. A big help is the Premium Room card that gives you more Premium Bonus chances!

    84. No Escape (Silver) — Cleared the game without escaping from a single battle

    85. Card Breaker (Bronze) — Broken 1,500 enemy cards

    86. Interceptor (Bronze) — Encountered enemies 150 times

    87. Duel Master (Bronze) — Won 100 duels

    88. Point Millionare (Bronze) — Currently have over 10,000 Moogle Points

    The fastest way to do this is by hitting everything you see on the map, especially when leveling up to level 99 for the Level Counter Limit trophy. For example, you can get about 4,000 Moogle Points by leveling Sora up from lvl 63 to 75.
    If you create a lot of rooms looking for objects to hit, you have high chances to get the Room Creator: Create 300 Rooms trophy as well.

    89. Regular Customer (Bronze) — Used 20,000 Moogle Points at the Moogle Shop

    90. Room Creator (Bronze) — Created rooms 300 times

    Hidden Trophies:

    91. CHAIN OF MEMORIES Complete Master (Platinum) — Obtained all trophies.

    92. Game Clear: Proud with Sora (Silver) — Cleared Proud Mode with Sora and watched the ending

    93. Game Clear: Proud with Riku (Silver) — Cleared Proud Mode with Riku and watched the ending

    94. Memories Linking in Slumber (Bronze) — Cleared Sora’s Story

    95. Road to Dawn (Bronze) — Cleared Riku’s Story

    96. Complete Record (Gold) — Completed all of Jiminy’s Journal!

    97. Complete Report (Gold) — Completed all of D Report!

    98. Advanced Card Deck Creator (Bronze) — Assembled 500 Card Decks

    Important Notes: You can edit your Card Deck a total of 500 times, they don’t have to be 500 different deck combinations. Although you’ll edit your deck a lot in the game, it won’t be anywhere near 500 times. This is because every single time you enter the Card Deck menu and edit your deck it’ll only register it as one edit, no matter how many cards you switch out. Watch the video guide for more handy tips.

    99. Level Count Limit: Sora (Silver) — Sora has reached the highest level

    Note: You reach the highest level at 99, which takes 1,310,000 Experience Points in total.

    Remember to collect as many Moogle Points as possible when going around and leveling up, so you’ll easily get the Point Millionaire trophy too (Point Millionaire: Collect more than 10.000 Moogle Points).

    You’ll get tons of Map Cards as well, so don’t forget to use all of them and create as many Rooms as possible for the Room Creator trophy (Room Creator: Create 300 Rooms).
    Be smart and don’t focus on fighting and leveling up alone.

    Here are some tips for leveling up faster with Sora:

    100. Level Count Limit: Riku (Silver) — Riku has reached the highest level

    Note: You reach the highest level at 99, which takes 1,310,000 Experience Points in total.

    Here are some tips for leveling up faster with Riku:

    101. Tightrope (Bronze) — Healed with less than 5% HP

    Tip: Once you reach 5% Health Points (5 HP) you can heal yourself with Cure.
    Alternative for if you’re finding this difficult to pull off: After you get the Captain Hook’s enemy card that stops you from dying at 1 HP, you can then use that time to give yourself chance to use Cure.

    102. Battle Card Collector (Bronze) — Owns over 300 different kinds of Battle Card

    103. Treasure Hunter (Bronze) — Opened secret room treasure chests 10 times

    104. Ace Striker (Bronze) — Hit an enemy with a lifted object

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD Trophies

    105. Days of Connection (Bronze) — View Chapters 1 through 37.

    106. Days of Reflection (Bronze) — View Chapters 38 through 74.

    107. Where the Heart Lies (Bronze) — View Chapters 75 through 109.

    Tip: Press “Play” on the main menu to auto-play all 109 chapters as one 3 hours-long movie, as you can see in the complete video below.
    Alternatively, if you’re in a rush you can skim through all the chapters quickly this way: Select “Chapters” at the Main Menu and then select the first chapter. From here press the Start button and skip to the next chapter repeatedly.

    Hidden Trophies:

    108. 358/2 Days Complete (Gold) — Obtain all trophies.

    109. All Diaries Read (Gold) — Read all of Roxas’ diaries.

    110. All Reports Read (Gold) — Read all of the Secret Reports.

    Tip: The Secret Reports unlock after you’ve viewed all of the Chapters in the 358/2 Days movie.

    Here’s a recent interview with Kingdom Hearts series creator Tetsuya Nomura, where he talks about the game’s origins and the gameplay in the HD remake.

    Special thanks to Square Enix, Cyberman, Everglow & Emiru for the tips & guide videos.

    Please comment if you have any Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix trophy unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!


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