Total War: Rome 2 Cheats

Looking for Total War: Rome 2 cheats on PC? Here we’ll list Total War: Rome 2 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Sega’s new turn-based strategy game.

Below we’re going to highlight a few cheats and unlockables.

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Total War: Rome 2 Cheats

Unlockable Bonus DLC

Pre-order Total War: Rome 2 to get this DLC Bonus:

Those gamers who pre-order any edition from participating retailers will receive ROME II’s first DLC for free alongside the game on release day. This first DLC, the Greek States Culture Pack, adds three additional playable factions to the game; Epirus, Athens and Sparta.
These factions have their own unique units, buildings, missions and win conditions alongside a distinct tech tree and, in the case of Sparta, will present a considerable challenge to the advanced player wishing to restore the famous city state to its former glory.

Total War: Rome 1 Cheats

These Total War: Rome 1 cheats may work in the sequel as well. Please confirm if any work in the comments.

How To Bring Up The Cheat Codes Entry Panel:

Press the tilde (~) key and enter these codes to use them. All codes are case sensitive. Make sure to capitalize family member names, settlement names, and anything else that needs capitalizing or else it will likely to not work.

Unlockable Cheat Codes:

• Add units to selected general. — Type: create_unit “general’s name” “unit name” “#” / Example “create_unit “Gaius Julius” “roman velite” 2 ”
• Adjusts sea bed to specified height. — Type: adjust_sea_bed
• Allows you to give a city more population automatically. Max amount is 4000. — Type: add_population “settlement name” “amount”
• Allows you to give any trait your faction can have to a specific general. — Type: give_trait “character” “trait” “level number”
• Anything in the city’s building queue will be built automatically. — Type: process_cq “settlement name”
• Applies filter to world map coastlines. — Type: filter_coastlines
• Captures indicated city. — Type: capture_settlement
• Changes season. — Type: season
• Changes year. — Type: date
• Clears all stacked messages. — Type: clear_messages
• Completes the construction instantly of any town/city. — Type: process_cq “CityName”
• Create a unit of Yubtseb Elephants. — Type: oliphaunt
• Creates a building in the named city. — Type: create_building “city” “building name”
• Creates diplomacy mission. — Type: diplomacy_mission
• Creates unit in a place or unit instantly with experiences/defense/attack if put. — Type: create_unit “Settlement/Unit” “unit name” “Amount” “experience” “defences” “attack”
• Display help for listed command. — Type: “command” ?
• Displays defensive terrain features. — Type: show_terrain_lines
• Enemy’s walls collapse. — Type: Jericho
• Forces display reset cycle. — Type: reset_display
• Forces local player’s alliance to lose the battle. — Type: force_battle_defeat
• Forces local player’s alliance to win the battle. — Type: force_battle_victory
• Forces opponent to accept diplomatic proposal. — Type: force_diplomacy
• Gives a general/family member a trait instantly. — Type: give_trait “General/FamilyMember” “Trait” “Level”
• Gives character movement points. — Type: mp
• Gives character trait points. — Type: give_trait_points
• Gives indicated character the indicated ancillary. — Type: give_ancillary
• Gives you the specific amount of denarii you want. Max amount of 40000. — Type: add_money “amount”
• Kills specified character. — Type: kill_character
• Lists all character in the world. — Type: list_characters
• Lists all traits. — Type: list_traits
• Lists all units in an army. — Type: list_units
• Lists available ancillaries. — Type: list_ancillaries
• Make the general invulnerable, may only work on battlefield. — Type: invulnerable_general “general’s name”
• Moves indicated character to specified coordinates. — Type: move_character
• Regenerates radar. — Type: regenerate_radar
• Reloads all textures. — Type: reload_textures
• Reloads all vertex shaders. — Type: reload_shaders
• Removes faction from the game. — Type: kill_faction
• Resets character to settings at start of turn. — Type: character_reset
• Restarts an AI turn sequence. — Type: run_ai
• Sets aerial map overlay depth bias for maximum zoom. — Type: amdb_max
• Sets aerial map overlay depth bias for minimum zoom. — Type: amdb_min
• Sets aerial map overlay offset towards camera. — Type: amdb_offset
• Sets diplomatic stance between two factions. — Type: diplomatic_stance
• Sets health of building of specifed type in a settlement. — Type: set_building_health
• Sets max speed of turn processing during AI round. — Type: ai_turn_speed
• Shows all valid processed paths in pathfinder. — Type: show_battle_paths
• Shows cursor position and region ID. — Type: show_cursorstat
• Shows landing positions available to AI from a given region. — Type: show_landings
• Shows street plan for the settlement. — Type: show_battle_street_plan
• Shows victory message for faction for short or long campaign. — Type: victory
• Switches player control to specified faction. — Type: control
• Toggles building’s debug mode. — Type: building_debug
• Toggles camera restrictions. — Type: toggle_restrictcam
• Toggles display of campaign map flowing water. — Type: toggle_flowing_water
• Toggles display of network stats. — Type: nw_stats
• Toggles everyone’s spying ability to perfect with infinite range. — Type: toggle_perfect_spy
• Toggles on or off the fog of war. You can see the whole world map when inputted. — Type: toggle_fow
• Toggles overlay. — Type: toggle_overlay
• Toggles PR mode. — Type: toggle_pr
• Toggles strategy map coastline display. — Type: toggle_coastlines
• Toggles tabbed output window display. — Type: toggle_tow
• Toggles terrain to display various data sets. — Type: toggle_terrain
• Toggles underlay. — Type: toggle_underlay
• Triggers advice. — Type: trigger_advice
• Triggers unit upgrade effect. — Type: upgrade_effect
• Turns off both enemy and ally AI. — Type: disable_ai
• When at the battle scroll, input this code in, attacker if attacking, defender if defending and press auto retaliate button. Automatically wins. — Type: auto_win “attacker/defender”
• Zooms to specified aerial map zoom. — Type: zoom

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