Rayman Legends Walkthrough

30 August 2013
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Rayman Legends Walkthrough

World 2: Toad Story

Level 11: Ray and the Beanstalk & Level 12: The Winds of Strange

Covered in this 100% World 2 guide are how to get all 10 Teensies in each level, and how to collect enough Lums to get a Gold Medal per level!

– The first stage covered is called ‘Ray and the Beanstalk’.
– At 7:00 minutes in, the 2nd stage ‘The Winds of Strange’ begins.

Level 13: 600 Feet Under & Level 14: Castle in the Clouds

– The 3rd stage covered here is called ‘600 Feet Under’, and completing this stage unlocks the Auroroa character!
– At 2:30 minutes in, the 4th stage ‘Castle in the Clouds’ begins.

Level 15: Altitude Quickness & Level 16: 6,000 Feet Under

– The 5th stage covered here is called ‘Altitude Quickness’.
– At 4:30 minutes in, the 6th stage ‘6,000 Feet Under’ begins, and completing this stage unlocks the Twila character!

Tip: While you’re in the air, to glide you must hold the A button on Xbox 360 or the X button on PS3.

Rayman Legends Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with World 2, Level 17: When Toads Fly.


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