Splinter Cell Blacklist Weapons Guide

Our Splinter Cell Blacklist weapons guide will show you how to unlock all Splinter Cell Blacklist weapons that you get to handle in this stealth action-adventure. Get ready to take down all enemies in your way with these awesome weapons!

The Splinter Cell Blacklist weapons strategy guide and a full weapons list follows here-under.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Weapons Guide

Weapons and Gadgets

The Splinter Cell Blacklist “All Weapons Guide” talks all about the game’s Weapons and Gadgets that Sam Fisher gets to use in his newest adventure; and how to unlock all of these weapons, gear and plane upgrades in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC & Wii U game.

Tip: After the “Prologue”, talk to Grim on the Paladin airplane to do her 4 co-op mission (in solo) to earn stealth gear in the “Customize Gear” menu. Then do “Mission 1: Safehouse” and do this mission about 8 times without killing anybody and stay undetected to earn the most money; you can replay this mission via the SMI panel map by bringing up the Show All Missions menu.

Best Mission To Earn Fast Money: To get all the money you need to get weapons, gear & plane upgrades right at the start of the game, play “Grim Co-Op Mission 2: Border Crossing”. Finish it in under 6 minutes on Perfectionist difficulty level in full Ghost playstyle to earn about $350,000! $350,000 every 6 minutes (depending on how frequently you mess it up) is the fastest money you’ll earn at the beginning of the game to upgrade all your weapons.

Lots of handy tips in there, take a look at the weapons guide! 🙂

Next up is the official Ubisoft weapons guide that lets you discover the weapons and gadgets that Sam Fisher will use in his missions: kevlar weave tactical operational suit, karambit knife, five-seven gun, M416, opsat and sonar goggles.

Then, we’ve got a detailed video interview with the Splinter Cell Blacklist stuntman, Kevin Secours, who talks all about the weapons he handles in the game via motion capture.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Weapons List

Here’s the weapons list organized in alphabetical order.

Note: Weapons marked with an asterix (*) are unlocked at the start of the game if you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition. Although some are retail pre-order bonus DLC guns as well.

• 416 Assault Rifle*
• AK-47 Assault Rifle
• AKS-74U Submachine Gun
• Desert Eagle Semi-automatic Pistol
• F40 Pistol*
• FAMAS G2 Assault Rifle
• Five-seveN Semi-automatic Pistol
• G36C Assault Rifle
• HK416 Assault Rifle
• Karambit Knife
• M1014 Shotgun*
• MP7A1 Machine Pistol
• SCAR-H Battle Rifle
• Tactical Crossbow with Sleeping Gas Bolts*
• UMP-45 Submachine Gun
• USP.45 Pistol
• Vector.45ACP Submachine Gun
• VSS Sniper Rifle*

Credits: Weapon guide by Ubisoft, Deathmule & Inyconl; Weapons list by Wikia.

What’s your favorite weapon in Splinter Cell Blacklist?