Saints Row 4 Weapons Guide

22 August 2013
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Saints Row 4 Weapons Guide

Our Saints Row 4 weapons guide will show you how to unlock all Saints Row 4 weapons that you get to handle in this action-adventure. Get ready to defeat all enemies in your way with these crazy weapons!

The Saints Row 4 weapons strategy guide and a full weapons list follows here-under.

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    Saints Row 4 Weapons Guide

    Weapons and Weapon Skins

    The Saints Row 4 “Complete Weapons Guide” talks all about the game’s Weapons and Weapon Skins; and how to unlock most of these weapons in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC game. It’s mostly by playing through the game’s Primary & Side Quests, but there’s lots of handy tips in there. Take a look at the weapons guide! 🙂

    Next, is a detailed video guide on how to reach the employee-only “Volition Room” which includes the Secret “Tiny Gun” Easter Egg weapon. Go into the “Let’s Pretend” near the bottom left corner of the map. Shoot your way through the door in the back (shoot the lock only to open the door), follow the hallway, and you’ll reach the developer room, with Jim Boone, a doll and a great little weapon. It’s the Men in Black “Noisy Cricket” in Saints Row form! Yes, it’s very powerful!

    Here is the secret location of the Dildo Bat (previously called the Penetrator) in an east shore cave in Brickston. This weapon can also be attained via a Side Quest further on in the game.

    Lastly, here’s how to find the Dubstep Gun. Go complete the “Campaign Trail of Destruction” Side-Quest to be rewarded with the Dubstep Gun weapon.

    Saints Row 4 Weapons List

    Melee Weapons:

    • Baseball Bat (Homer / Rat Stick)
    • Stun Gun (Stunner)
    • Tentacle Bat (Violator)
    • Energy Sword (Laser Razor)
    • Dildo Bat (The Penetrator) — How To Unlock: First complete “The Fundamentals” mission. Next, find it in a cave on the east shore in Brickston.
    • Rectifier (Anal Probe) — How To Unlock: Exclusive weapon included with the Season Pass DLC.


    • Heavy Pistol (.45 Fletcher / Cumia Magnum / DEK-RD Railpistol / The Captain)
    • Quickshot Pistol (9MM Tactical / Red Shirt Special / Renegade Pistol)
    • Alien Pistol (Z9 Handcannon)


    • Heavy SMG (Gangland / Rubber Band Gun / SWAT SMG)
    • Rapid-Fire SMG (Cyborg Pistol / Magna 10mm / Nailgun)
    • Alien SMG (Xenoblaster)


    • Pump-Action Shotgun (Blunderbuss / Deacon 12-Gauge / Kardak Lasershot)
    • Semi-Auto Shotgun (Big Game / Full Choke Silenced / Ion Blaster / TAK-10 Streetsweeper)
    • Thumpgun
    • The Inflat-O-Ray — Note: Blow their mind! Zap your foes with the Inflat-O-Ray and watch their heads pop like overfilled balloons!


    • Automatic Rifle (EM Railgun / Mercenary LMG / Shokolov AR)
    • Burst Rifle (Guardsman AR / Impulse Rifle / Soakmaster)
    • Alien Rifle (Dominator)
    • Disintegrator
    • Bounce Rifle


    • RPG (El Fugitivo / J7 Rocket Launcher / Potato Gun)
    • Alien RPG (Tyrant)
    • Black Hole Launcher (Singularity Gun) — Note: Send your enemies into the void! Rip a hole in time and space and send those aliens to the dark reaches of the universe!
    • Tiny Pistol (Loud Locust) — How To Unlock: Go into the “Let’s Pretend” store near the bottom left corner of the map. Shoot only on the lock to open up the back door that has Men In Black’s “Noisy Cricket”.
    • ‘Merica Gun (combines flamethrowers, ultra-powered dub step guns & rocket launchers into 1 gun) — How To Unlock: Pre-order Bonus DLC included with the Commander In Chief Edition.


    • Dubstep Gun — How To Unlock: Complete the “Campaign Trail of Destruction” Side-Quest.
    • Sniper Rifle (Block Gun / GI Sniper / Lever-Action / McManus 2020)
    • Abduction Gun (Abduct-O-Matic)
    • Lasergun Arm (Minigun Arm)
    • Minethrower Arm


    • Zintek Force Shield

    Upgrades and Superpowers

    Tip: Buy all Upgrades to your favorite weapons to unlock unlimited ammo for each weapon individually!

    This Saints Row IV video shows all the Upgrades and Superpowers you can get in the game.

    Superpowers list:

    • Blast (Active Power) — The blast superpower unleashes a concussive force that can be modified with a variety of elemental options.
    • Buff (Active Power) — Add power to your every movement and set fire to everything in your way!
    • Stomp (Active Power) — Send seismic waves through the ground and your enemies flying back with the force of an earthquake.
    • Telekinesis (Active Power) — Pick up your foes and toss them around with the power of your mind!
    • Death From Above (Passive Power) — Jump into the sky, target your enemy, and slam down right in their face.
    • Force Field (Passive Power) — That’s right. Force field.
    • Super Jump (Passive Power) — Launch yourself into the air and soar above the city like a graceful, sociopathic bird.
    • Super Sprint (Passive Power) — Run rings around your foes and close any distance with superspeed.

    Credits: Weapon guide by Maka, Gamesociety; Weapons list by Wikia.

    What’s your favorite weapon in Saints Row 4?


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