Saints Row 4 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny Saints Row 4 easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Saints Row 4. Watch footage of them all below.

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Saints Row 4 Easter Eggs

Mass Effect Easter Egg

Alliance Officer David Anderson from the Mass Effect series is voiced by Keith David, who also does the voice-actor for his own Hollywood persona in Saints Row 4! Like in the Mass Effect series, you now have the option to romance your team members in between missions in this sci-fi-ish Saints Row adventure. Although, opposed to the rest of the crew, Keith David has a very distinct reaction to The President’s propositioning, as you can see here…

Men in Black Tiny Pistol Easter Egg

This video guide shows how to unlock the Tiny Pistol called the “Cricket”, the small-in-size but extremely powerful gun that Kay gives to Jay in the first Men in Black movie.

It can be accessed in the New Baranec part / south-corner of the map in virtual Steelport, in the Let’s Pretend clothing store. This can be done by finding a backdoor (shoot off the lock to open it) to a secret room in that store, which reveals both developer heads in the back and a hidden weapon on the chair.

Star Fox & Haddaway Song Easter Egg

At the start of the game when you have to escape the Zin spaceship, you’ll be piloting a small spacecraft. At the beginning of that flying sequence you’ll be prompted with instructions by Kinzie on how to “Do A Barrel Roll!” 360 degrees spin in-game to avoid enemy fire. This is a reference to Peppy’s catchphrase in the Nintendo Star Fox games.

This entire spaceship flying sequence is hilariously set to Haddaway’s “What Is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)” song.

Dead Island Easter Egg

After the “Executive Orders” primary mission, go talk to Keith David by selecting the “Talk to the Vice President” prompt when you go stand next to him. Keep doing that a few times until Keith tells you all about how he loves to play Dead Island! That’s publisher Deep Silver’s other big game franchise.

The rest are mostly fun references we wanted to point out. 🙂

Terminator & Armageddon Movie Easter Eggs

The “Zero Saints Thirty” intro mission at the beginning of the game starts with a quick Terminator movie reference in the lava.

After that the mission turns into a giant Armageddon movie easter egg when you must defuse a nuclear rocket to save the world, all set to Aerosmith’s sappy “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” song.

Space Invaders Mini-Game Easter Egg

At the start of the game when the President has to defend the White House from alien invasion, you’ll get to control a giant gun turret to shoot down the spaceships before they attack/land. During this sequence the spaceships will line up just like in the popular arcade game Space Invaders!

Paula Abdul Sing-Along Easter Egg

The President attempts to get a sing-along started with Kinzie when you step into a car that has Paula Abdul’s “Girl’s Night Out” song on the radio.

Saints of Rage 2D Game Easter Egg

Saints Row 4 includes a 2D side-scroller beat’em up titled “Saints of Rage”. A clear reference to the Streets of Rage arcade brawler series!
You get to play this side-scroller beat’em up during the Primary Quest: “…The Very Next Day”

Sagiv found more in the level itself: In the video at 3:43 minutes, you can see the bunny from the Saints Row 2 and 3 easter eggs. It’s sitting on the speakers!

Matrix 1 & 2 Movie Easter Eggs

Here’s an “insider” reference to the first Matrix movie.

And a dialog reference to the second Matrix movie.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Easter Egg

If you customize the bat, there’s a group called the Rat Stick! Which is a reference to the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. – Found by Third Street Jesus.

There are sure to be tons more references & easter eggs, please share your finds in the comments! 😀

Discoveries made by Andy & XCV.

Have you found any Saints Row 4 easter eggs?