Splinter Cell Blacklist Cheats

Looking for Splinter Cell Blacklist cheats on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii U? Here we’ll list Splinter Cell Blacklist cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Ubisoft’s new stealth action-adventure game.

Help Sam Fisher and his team hunt down terrorists by any means necessary, including these handy cheats, and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero!

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Cheats

Unlockable Cheats via Uplay Rewards

What cheats can you unlock with Uplay Points?

At the start of the game, at the Splinter Cell Blacklist main menu, be sure to (register on Uplay.com if you haven’t already and) sign in to your Uplay account. Doing this will give you access to exclusive Uplay Actions & Rewards in-game.

Description: Ghost Blue Ops Suit lights and $200,000 of Splinter Cell Blacklist currency.
Price: 20 Uplay Points

Description: Unlock the Alpha Suit single player & COOP torso armor.
Price: 30 Uplay Points

Description: Unlock the Uplay exclusive “Raven” single player & COOP Ops Suit.
Price: 40 Uplay Points

Description: Download an exclusive Splinter Cell Blacklist Theme for your gaming system.
Price: 10 Uplay Points

How to earn Uplay Points for unlocking items?

The Splinter Cell: Blacklist Uplay Rewards work the same way as in Conviction. Usually when you unlock a target achievement or trophy, you’ll also unlock a Uplay Reward. Here’s a demonstration video to show you how it works from registration to unlock items with Uplay Points:

Description: Complete Safehouse on any difficulty.
Reward: 10 Uplay Points

Description: Complete all 4th Echelon Missions from Grim, Charlie, Briggs, or Kobin.
Reward: 20 Uplay Points

Description: Complete a Daily Challenge.
Reward: 30 Uplay Points

Description: Complete a Weekly Challenge.
Reward: 40 Uplay Points

Description: There are lots of Ubisoft games that tie in with the Uplay Points system, like the Assassin’s Creed series, Far Cry 3, etc. You can get points in a different game, even cross-platform, and then spend them on Splinter Cell Blacklist items.

Money Cheat: Unlock Extra Money

Login with your Uplay account in the free iOS Splinter Cell Blacklist Spider-Bot mobile game to transfer all currency earned there to Splinter Cell Blacklist on your Console or PC.

Collect intel, navigate through high-security systems and earn Fourth Echelon currency. Get a head start in building up your bank account so you’ll be able to upgrade your game when Splinter Cell Blacklist is out.

Future updates on this app will unlock exclusive content for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist on Console or PC.

Here’s a video of the mobile game with some Spider-Bot play tips:

Unlockable DLC Items

DLC Items Pack #1

Pre-order Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and receive the “Upper Echelon Pack” DLC for free! Valid for both console and PC versions, included at retail, digital and collector’s editions.

The Upper Echelon Pack includes a bonus co-op mission and coveted in-game items to further enhance Sam Fisher’s deadly combat abilities:

• Bonus Co-op Mission: Dead Coast Map.
Upper Echelon Suit: provides better protection against fire power and blends into the shadows.
Gold Sonar Goggles: tactical imaging leaves enemies nowhere to hide.

All this bonus content is shown at 1:45 minutes into this TV spot:

DLC Items Pack #2

Get the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam for the PC version, to get launch-exclusive DLC.

The DLC adds new co-op missions, bonus suits, weapons, and gear:

• Single-player and multiplayer co-op missions: Dead Coast and Billionaire’s Yacht Map.
• Five powerful weapons for any play style: VSS Sniper Rifle, M1014 Shotgun, 416 Assault Rifle, F40 Pistol, and Tactical Crossbow with Sleeping Gas Bolts.
• Five enhanced combat suits: Elite Digital Ghillie Suit, Spy Suit, and Mercenary Suit for Spies vs. Mercs; Upper Echelon Suit and 4E Eclipse Ops Suit for the single-player storyline.
• Five armor accessories: Gold Sonar Goggles, Amber Sonar Goggles, Ghost Boots, Armored Boots, and Tactical Gloves.

Money Cheat: Unlock All Weapon Upgrades & Gadgets

Here’s a money cheat that lets you buy all the Weapon Upgrades & Gadgets at the start of the game, before you even begin the main story missions!

At the start of the game, after you finish the campaign’s Prologue Mission you’ll return in the Paladin plane to start the game’s main missions. You can also start side missions by talking to your team. Side missions is where you start first so go talk to Grim to get 4 side missions to complete before you start the main missions. When you complete all Grims missions new gear will be available for you in the “Customize Gear”. Now that you have all the stealth year you can now start the 1st mission “Safe House”. This is one of the fastest missions in the game and if you completed without killing anybody and stay undetected you will get a ton of money when you complete the mission. When you finish the mission it will send you back to the plane. When on the plane go to the “SMI panel”and push A. When the map shows up, press LB Botton to show all missions. This will now give you the option to replay the “Safe House” mission again. Replaying this mission 8 times is more than enough to buy all the planes upgrades and all of Sam Fisher’s gear and weapons. Awesome!

Until more Splinter Cell Blacklist cheats on Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U are discovered, we made the handy Splinter Cell Blacklist guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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