Splinter Cell Blacklist Achievements Guide

The Splinter Cell Blacklist achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360 & PC stealth action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 47 Achievements (11 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Index of Splinter Cell Blacklist Guides:

Splinter Cell Blacklist Achievements Guide

1. 4th Echelon Status Confirmed (30G) — Stopped the Blacklist

2. 4th Echelon Commendation (60G) — Completed every single player mission on Realistic difficulty

3. 4th Echelon Officer (100G) — Completed every single player mission on Perfectionist difficulty

4. HVTs Secured (10G) — Captured 20 High-Value Targets

Tip: To find them all, check out our Splinter Cell Blacklist High Value Targets Locations Guide.

5. Intel Acquired (10G) — Collected 24 Dead Drop flash drives

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6. Data Security (10G) — Hacked 23 Blacklist Laptops

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7. Upgraded Gear Accessed (10G) — Fully upgraded one gun

8. C&C Optimized (20G) — Paladin fully upgraded

9. Tactical Style: Ghost (25G) — Mastered Ghost playstyle on 7 missions
10. Tactical Style: Panther (25G) — Mastered Panther playstyle on 7 missions
11. Tactical Style: Assault (25G) — Mastered Assault playstyle on 7 missions

– The Ghost playstyle favors a silent approach. Stealth through levels undetected, harming no one. This is best done by creating darkness/shadow paths by shooting light bulbs, closing doors, hiding in ventilation shafts, and using drones with stun ammo. And at the end don’t forget to hide the bodies in containers.

– The Panther playstyle favors stealth above all. Silent but deadly with lots of violent takedowns from above and behind enemies, using Sonar Goggles to mark up your targets.

– The Assault playstyle favors the head-first approach of going in guns blazing with explosions everywhere, trying to do as much damage as possible by shooting everyone in your way.

Note: The rating you’re given at the successful completion of a level will indicate which playstyle you favor, and that’s the one you’ll have to stick with for at least 7 missions in the story mode.

The video guide shows three different people tackle the game’s Chicago level in three very different playstyles: Ghost (in Pink Night Vision Goggles), Panther (in Blue Night Vision Goggles), and Assault (in Red Night Vision Goggles).

12. Evidence Concealed (10G) — Hide 5 bodies in containers

In the campaign’s Paraguay-based terror broker’s fancy mansion mission, Sam Fisher can find plenty of containers to hide passed out or killed soldier’s bodies in.

Here’s the best location to do this in!
When you kill the first enemies in the “Safehouse” mission, you will be in an alley. There are a total of 6 enemies and 5 containers in this place. One container in the alley and four in the building you need to enter. Take out all of the enemies and throw one in each container. The containers are blue-colored. You need to pick the dead bodies up and then press B on your Xbox 360 controller to hide them.

13. No Kill Option Engaged (50G) — Completed the single player campaign without killing anyone as Sam Fisher

14. Distraction Tactician (10G) — Stealthily took down an enemy who’d been lured by sound

When an enemy soldier is with his back to you, throw a Sticky Noisemaker onto the wall he’s facing and wait for him to notice the sound coming from it. That’s your chance to sneak up on him from behind. For you to remain stealthily, you’ll have to stop using active sprint when? you gets close to the enemy!

This video guide shows you how to do it in the Paraguay mansion mission of the campaign. It starts at 3:31 minutes:

15. Tri-Rotor Functionality (10G) — Used the Tri-Rotor to disable a security device

This can be done in the very beginning of “Special Missions HQ”.
Right after this mission starts you can see some surveillance cameras. Hide behind a wall and release your Tri-Rotor drone. Steer it to the camera and press X on your Xbox 360 controller to shoot a sticky shocker dart. This will destroy the camera and the achievement will pop soon after.
Note: If you haven’t already bought the drone you need to purchase it on your airplane (headquarters). It costs $72,000. Upgrading it is not required.

16. Enhanced Lethality Demonstrated (10G) — Mastered Mark & Execute

17. Hostile Shield Secured (10G) — Snuck up & stole the shield from a Shielded Infantryman

You will encounter an enemy with a shield at the end of “Special Missions HQ”.
You really can’t miss this. A short cutscene will begin to play when you enter the room. Take out the other enemies and let the Infantryman get closer to you. Shoot his shield until he breaks down. Now you have a couple of seconds to get behind him and take him out with hand to hand combat. Press X on your Xbox 360 controller to do so. Now pick up his shield and the achievement should pop.

18. Hostages Secured (10G) — Saved the hostages in the Transit Yards

This can be done at the very end of the Transit Yards mission. That’s the 7th main mission.
After defusing all bombs you will be in a train with some enemies and civilians. Once you reach the end of the train, two enemies will take hostages and use them as human shields. If you get to close or start shooting around they will kill the hostages.
To save them you should throw sleeping gas. You can buy sleeping gas on your airplane (headquarters) at any time. Alternatively, you could also mark the enemies and use your execution ability to kill them immediately.

19. Mission Footprint Zero (10G) — Completed a single player mission undetected

“Safehouse” is the first main mission after the prologue. It’s one of the easiest and shortest missions.
When attempting this achievement, the enemies may never shoot at you or ring an alarm. Their “attention meter” (the half circle that fills up when they see you) may never turn red! If it turns red you have been detected and need to restart from the last checkpoint. If the half circle turns all white, you are still good to go. As long as you kill them quick enough before it turns red it’s all fine.
Important Note: You should be doing this on Rookie difficulty. The enemies won’t spot you that easily. You can replay all missions at any point of the game (even after beating the story) and keep the equipment you have purchased in the meantime. This can be a huge help and make things considerably easier.

20. Combined Op Successful (10G) — Completed a COOP mission with a teammate

Splinter Cell Blacklist Community Developer Zack Cooper and Lead CO-OP Designer Richard Carrillo team up to tackle Grim’s first 4E CO-OP Mission. Done on Realistic difficulty mode.

21. Infiltration Operator (30G) — Completed all of Anna Grímsdóttir’s 4th Echelon Missions
22. Extraction Operator (30G) — Completed all of Charlie Cole’s 4th Echelon Missions
23. Combined Operator (30G) — Completed all of Isaac Briggs’s 4th Echelon Missions

Tip: To complete them all, check out our Splinter Cell Blacklist Co-Op Walkthrough.

24. Elite Killing Team (15G) — Dual Executed a helmeted enemy

25. Lead Interrogator (10G) — Won the COOP interrogation in VORON Station

26. ShadowNet Online (5G) — Logged into ShadowNet for the first time

When you’re aboard the Paladin airplane, use your SMI at any time, and then at the top-left side of your screen there will be a prompt to access ShadowNet. Hit the indicated button/key to go online.

27. Officer of the Day (15G) — Completed a Daily Challenge

28. Seven Day Duty Shift (30G) — Completed a Spies vs Mercs Weekly Challenge

29. Support Ops (15G) — Assisted teammates in 10 Spies vs Mercs objectives

30. Lethal Versatility (100G) — Won a match in every Spies vs Mercs game mode

31. Firearm Accessed (15G) — Unlocked a Merc’s Light Machine Gun

32. Personal Kit (15G) — Unlocked a custom loadout slot for Spy or Merc

33. Trusted Agent (50G) — Achieved Rank 10 in Spies vs Mercs

34. Rated Hacker (25G) — Hacked a terminal in a Spies vs Mercs SvM Blacklist or SvM Classic match

35. Rated Intel Courier (15G) — Carried home the intel in a Spies vs Mercs Extraction match

36. Rated Aggressor (15G) — Captured a control point in a Spies vs Mercs Uplink Control match

Spies vs Mercs Tutorial: Splinter Cell Community Developer, Zack Cooper, gives fans an introduction to what Spies vs. Mercs Classic is all about. He also shares some basic tips for survival — which are particularly important if you’re new to the series or this multiplayer mode.

Secret Achievements:

37. Asset Retrieval (10G) — Completed Safehouse

38. Ambush Escaped (10G) — Completed Insurgent Stronghold

39. American Consumption Prevented (10G) — Completed American Consumption

40. Terrorist Factor Turned (10G) — Completed Private Estate

41. Tracker Placed (10G) — Completed Abandoned Mill

42. Iranian Intel Retrieved (10G) — Completed Special Missions HQ

43. American Freedom Averted (10G) — Completed Transit Yards

44. Infiltration/Interrogation (10G) — Completed Detention Facility

45. Paladin Restored (10G) — Survived the attack on Paladin

46. American Fuel Engaged (10G) — Completed LNG Terminal

47. Hunter Operator (30G) — Completed all of Andriy Kobin’s 4th Echelon Missions

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