Saints Row 4 Preview

15 August 2013
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Saints Row 4 Preview

In our Saints Row 4 Preview we go over what’s new in the upcoming open world action-adventure game. Saints Row 4 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in America on August 20th, 2013 and in Europe & Australia on August 23rd, 2013. With a Saints Row 4 Collector’s Edition available to fans at launch as well.

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Saints Row 4 Adds These New Features:

  • The American (Fever) Dream – Play as the President of the United States in a story that spans countries, space, and time. Saints Row IV is to Saints Row: The Third what Saints Row: The Third is to Do The Right Thing. You’re not ready.
  • Super Hero-in-Chief – Leap over buildings. Kill people with your mind. Run through tanks. Those are some of the most mundane powers you will wield in your quest to stop an alien menace hell-bent on destroying the Earth.
  • Alien Toys of Destruction – Wield an impressive array of alien vehicles and weapons…FOR SCIENCE!
  • Custom Weapons, Custom Mayhem – You’ve customized your character. You’ve customized your clothes. Now you can complete the look with our all new weapon customization system. Turn traditional weapons into exotic conversation pieces!
  • Dynamic Duo – Seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op, a Saints Row standard, improved. The only thing better than one malicious super-powered President is two.

Next, the developers at Volition give the inside scoop to Saints Row 4.

Here’s an interview with the team at Volition about the sequel:

“It takes a lot of work to make something that’s beautifully stupid!” -Creative Director Steve Jaros

Watch interviews with Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Steve Jaros, Creative Director and Chris Claflin, Lighting Lead, at Volition as they are being probed about the vision behind the creation of the fourth game in the Saints Row series! They speak about the gigantic playground that the open world in Saints Row IV offers to the player and how important the feedback of their fans is for the development of a new title in the series.

Here’s what the creators have to say about the origins of the game’s storyline.

This exclusive “behind the scenes” video will center on the story and the endless possibilities inside the game. Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Steve Jaros, Creative Director and Chris Claflin, Lighting Lead, from Volition and two actors Terry Crews (voice of Ben King) and Troy Baker (default player voice) share their thoughts on how the virtual world of Steelport allowed them to cross even more boundaries than before.

Let’s check out the game’s wacky weapons arsenal you’ll get access to.

In this latest look behind the scenes Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Steve Jaros, Creative Director, and Steve Quirk, Art Director, from Volition explain how adding superpowers opened a whole new dimension for the gameplay in Saints Row IV while John Brunkhart, Weapons Designer and David Payne, Lead Weapons Artist, analyze what influence Emperor Zinyak’s alien invasion had on the arsenal.

Who are the talented voice actors in the game?

This fourth clip features Steve Jaros, Creative Director from Volition and the actors Terry Crews (voice of Ben King), Troy Baker (default player voice) and Laura Bailey (female player voice) speaking about how Saints Row IV offers something for fans old and new, and actor Daniel Dae Kim gives insights into his return as the voice of fan favourite character Johnny Gat.

See a Saints Row 4 graphics comparison between the PC and consoles (Xbox 360):

See all the newest in-game Saints Row 4 screenshots here:

Looks like Saints Row 4 will be bringing the fun back to Steelport!

Are you looking forward to Saints Row 4?


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