Slenderman Cosplay

Here is a super creepy Slenderman cosplay! Cosplayer Killian Pitt sends a shiver down my spine as the Slenderman from Slender: The Arrival.

Here is the Slenderman cosplay image gallery. Click on the image thumbnails to see the full-size cosplay photos:

Slenderman’s character bios reads: Slenderman has you alone. Slenderman lurks in the dark. Slenderman will steal your sanity. And take your life. Run faster.

About the cosplayer: Killian Pitt is an avid cosplayer and cosplay enthusiast from Mexico. He and his wife, Daireth, work together on their creative cosplay photoshoots. Aside from cosplaying and staging amazing photoshoots, the couple always have tips and tutorials for their followers.

Watch a trailer for Slender: The Arrival:

Created and Modeled by: Killian Pitt’s Deviant Art
Facebook: Killian Pitt’s Facebook

Photo by: Daireth Winehouse

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