Gran Turismo 6 Release Date

Sony Computer Entertainment has accidentally leaked the Gran Turismo 6 release date is the week of November 13, 2013 worldwide exclusively on the PlayStation 3. This was confirmed by the pre-order page of a European retailer.

Whereas Dutch retailer lists a Wednesday, November 13th 2013 release date; Italian retailer lists a Thursday, November 28th 2013 launch date. The webshops of European retailers often leak the by the publisher provided estimated or final release days, since they simply copy it into their database from the publisher launch sheets. So the final date may yet change as we get closer to November 2013.

November 28th would be one day before the American Black Friday shopping day event of the year. So Sony will ultimately have to release GT6 before that day if they want the game to appear under gamers’ Christmas trees this holiday season. Which they will since their promotional materials (see image above) all read “Holiday 2013”.

Here’s a new Gran Turismo 6 trailer from the UK’s “Goodwood Festival of Speed”. Enjoy! 🙂

GT6 celebrates the series’ 15th anniversary this year. The racing game touts a new physics model, with new tire and suspension, aerodynamics models, with adaptive tesselation, and a new rendering engine.

PlayStation boss Jack Tretton had the following to say about the PS3 game’s graphics with a smile on his face: “Not too shabby for a platform in its 7th year huh?”

We’ll update once exact days in November are revealed for each region in the world.

Will you be getting Gran Turismo 6 on its release date?