Halo Spartan Assault Achievements Guide

The Halo Spartan Assault achievements guide lists every achievement for this Windows 8 PC & Windows Phone 8 devices top-down action shooter game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 20 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 200 Gamerscore points to earn in the Mobile and PC versions.

Index of Halo Spartan Assault Guides:

Halo Spartan Assault Achievements Guide

1. Overrun (10 Points) — Complete Operation A

2. Switched On (10 Points) — Complete Operation B

3. Switched Off (10 Points) — Complete Operation C

4. Evacuated (10 Points) — Complete Operation D

5. Terminated (10 Points) — Complete Operation E

6. Escort Service (5 Points) — Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3

To finish Mission A-3 with both Wolverines in one piece (not destroyed) make sure you turn off Skulls before starting the level. More tips in the handy video guide.

7. Nowhere to Hide (10 Points) — Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shield in Operation B, Mission 3

8. Never Knew What Hit Them (10 Points) — Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun in Operation C, Mission 3

This great video guide will show you the locations of all 4 stationary guns in Mission C-3. Take a look.

9. Brute Force (10 Points) — Finish the objectives using only the Brute Shot, melee and grenades in Operation D, Mission 1

10. Foot Soldier (10 Points) — Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets in Operation E, Mission 4

11. Recruit (5 Points) — Earn a star of any type in an operation mission

12. Prodigy (5 Points) — Earn your first Gold star in an operation mission

13. 117 (20 Points) — Earn all Gold stars in all operation missions

14. Distinguished Service (15 Points) — Earn all medals in the game at least once

15. Weapon of Choice (5 Points) — Score a kill with every handheld weapon (excluding Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser)

16. Powered by MJOLNIR (10 Points) — Use every ability at least once (excluding Overshield and Seeker Drone)

17. Skull Combo (10 Points) — Complete any mission with the maximum number of Skulls active

18. Vidmaster Challenge (15 Points) — Complete Operation 5, Mission 1 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active

19. Extra Credit (10 Points) — Complete 75 challenges

20. Pension Plan (10 Points) — Earn 25000 Spartan Points throughout your career

Special thanks to Philly & MNwander for the tips & guide videos.

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