Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Announced for Xbox 360, PS3 & PS Vita

19 June 2013
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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z picture

The latest issue of V Jump magazine has announced Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita.

Scans of the magazine that’s all about manga and manga/anime-based video games reveal the newest DBZ console game will feature 4-player co-op and 8-player online multiplayer.

It’s pretty safe to assume that Namco Bandai Games will be releasing this game worldwide as their big Fall 2013 title. So expect an official announcement for countries outside of Japan soon.

Character confirmed for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z are:

1. Burter
2. Captain Ginyu
3. Goku
4. Guldo
5. Jeice
6. Krillin
7. Nappa
8. Piccolo
9. Raditz
10. Recoome
11. Saibamen
12. Tien
13. Vegeta
14. Young Gohan

Highlight: For lots more info visit the “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Character List

See if you can spot anyone else in the scan in our gallery here:

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z scan

Thanks to Fahd for the scans!

Do you think “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z” might have a similar name to the “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” movie on purpose? Which, by the way, I’m dying to see!

Are you excited for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z?


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