The Last of Us Glitches

Here are some of the newly discovered The Last of Us Game glitches.

Note that these can of course get patched by Naughty Dog at any time. But you might encounter the here-under listed glitches for yourself in the meantime.

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The Last of Us Game Glitches

Joel-In-A-Box & Jump Death Glitches

Location: The Power Plant. You might stumble upon this when looking for collectibles.

Glitch 1: Joel climbing the camp fence at the Power Plant and entering the area with a big wooden box, results in Joel ending up inside the box.

Glitch 2: …and after you try to climb out of that wooden box area, if Joel tries to jump off the fence the game acts as-if he jumps off an enormous height resulting in Joel’s death from a strangely small jump.

The solution: The obvious fix for this glitch is to restart the Chapter you’re in and avoid that area in the future.

Here’s the full glitch video:

Glitches discovered by: PS4Trophies.

Have you encountered any The Last of Us Game glitches?