The Last of Us Ellie’s Jokes Locations Guide

Welcome to The Last of Us Ellie’s Jokes locations guide that helps you find the total of 5 Ellie’s Joke locations for the PS3 action-adventure survival-horror game.

Finding all 5 Ellie’s Joke locations will help unlock the following Trophy:
* “That’s all I got ” (Gold Trophy) — Survive all of Ellie’s jokes.

The timeline & descriptions for all these in-game Ellie’s Jokes locations are listed below.

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The Last of Us Ellie’s Jokes

Listening to all 5 jokes unlocks the ‘That’s all I got’ Trophy (Gold).

You don’t have to complete finding the joke reading locations in any order, or all in one sitting.

Finding the joke locations also unlock a couple of tags:
* ‘No Pun Intended’ – Listen to a full set of Ellie’s Jokes ($100)
* ‘No Pun Intended: Part Too’ – Listen to 2 full sets of Ellie’s Jokes ($250)

Where to find all Ellie’s Jokes in The Last of Us? The in-game collectibles locations for the Ellie’s Jokes are described in this detailed video guide.

The Ellie’s Jokes are listed in the video in the order that they normally appear.

Timeline in minutes with descriptions for the Ellie’s Jokes Locations Guide:

• Ellie’s Joke Location #1 – 0:00
Located in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh / Alone and Forsaken.
When you get to the area where three hunters show up, wait for them to leave or kill them all. Ellie will then talk about climbing the bus to get over. Wait a bit and she’ll pull out the book.

• Ellie’s Joke Location #2 – 1:36
Located in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh / Alone and Forsaken.
Kill all the Hunters in the Bookstore, and then hang around for a couple of minutes for Ellie to tell her jokes.

• Ellie’s Joke Location #3 – 3:03
Located in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh / Alone and Forsaken.
Once you reach outside and get a view of the bridge, turn around and head towards the dead end. Ellie will comment about a poster on the wall, and walk around the perimeter. Wait for her when she stops to tell more jokes.

• Ellie’s Joke Location #4 – 4:54
Located in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh / Hotel Lobby.
After grabbing the ladder to go up a floor, head right over to the other side of the Hotel’s 2nd floor to grab a combination. Go back to the 1st floor, behind the reception desk to find a safe on the ground to open. When you climb back up the ladder to the 2nd floor, wait a bit for Ellie to tell another set of jokes.

• Ellie’s Joke Location #5 – 6:28
Located in Chapter 6: The Suburbs / Suburbs.
You need to engage in four conversations around the Suburbs, before Ellie will tell her last jokes. (1) By the destroyed building revealing a kitchen, (2) “Shoot on Sight” writing opposite of that destroyed building, (3) Ice Cream Truck conversation with Ellie, and (4) the red Firefly symbol at the end of the alley. Wait a bit, and Ellie will tell her last jokes.

There you go! All Ellie’s Jokes in The Last of Us are yours! 🙂

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