The Last of Us Walkthrough

13 June 2013
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The Last of Us Walkthrough

Chapter 7: The University

Part 1 of “The University” takes us to the ‘Go Big Horns’ section.

Joel and Elle enter more of an open area while horseback riding.

Part 2 of “The University” takes us to the ‘Science Building’ section.
Next, it leads into the “Lakeside Resort” chapter’s ‘The Hunt’ section.

Joel gets injured, so the player character switches to Ellie.

Chapter 8: Lakeside Resort

Part 1 of the eight chapter can be found at the end of chapter seven.
In Part 2 of “Lakeside Resort”, ‘The Hunt’ section continues.

Part 3 of “Lakeside Resort” completes ‘The Hunt’ section.

Despite the stealthy approach here, Ellie still gets captured by David. Let’s find out what happens next…

Part 4 of “Lakeside Resort” starts the ‘Cabin Resort’ section.

Back to playing as Joel, as well as playing as Ellie again in a stealthier part. The chapter ends with the David boss fight.

The Last of Us Walkthrough continues on Page 6 with Chapter 9.


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