The Last of Us Walkthrough

13 June 2013
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The Last of Us Walkthrough

Chapter 4: Pittsburgh

Part 1 of “Pittsburgh” takes us to the ‘Alone and Forsaken’ section.

Pittsburg is where Joel and Ellie get ambushed. So they have to get through another populated area with scum, where a stealthier approach is required.

Part 2 of “Pittsburgh” takes us to the ‘Hotel Lobby’ section.

Here we’re getting through the hotel by killing some more scum.

Note: Having enough shotgun ammo helps a lot in this section of the game.

Part 3 of “Pittsburgh” takes us further into the ‘Hotel Lobby’ section.

This really scary place we dub the Spore Infester Area.

Part 4 of “Pittsburgh” takes us to the ‘Financial District’ section.

Get ready for the annoying armored car and seeing some new faces.

Part 5 of “Pittsburgh” takes us to the ‘Escape The City’ section.

Note: It’s better to go with stealth gameplay at night.

The Last of Us Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Chapter 5: The Suburbs.


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