The Last of Us Walkthrough

13 June 2013
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The Last of Us Walkthrough

Chapter 3: Bill’s Town

Part 1 of “Bill’s Town” takes us to ‘The Woods’.

In the third Chapter we are introduced to Joel’s friend Bill.

This is where you get to see some nice looking forest and go through Bill’s town, until Joel gets caught in one of Bill’s traps.

Part 2 of “Bill’s Town” takes us to a ‘Safehouse’.

Finally meet with Bill and reaching his safehouse.

Part 3 of “Bill’s Town” takes us to the ‘Graveyard’.

Note to self: Killing a group of Clickers with molotov cocktails is always fun, although you can play it stealthy and avoid them too. The goal here is to reach the school.

Part 4 of “Bill’s Town” takes us to the ‘High School Escape’ section.

In this area we’ll do our first battle with a Bloater and then escape from Bill’s Town.

The Last of Us Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 4: Pittsburg.


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