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Looking for Remember Me cheats on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360? Here we’ll list Remember Me cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Capcom’s new action-adventure game.

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Remember Me Cheats

Unlockable “Combo Lab” DLC

Pre-ordering Remember Me from Amazon, Best Buy, or Steam will get you the “Combo Lab Pack” DLC. This is a three-pack of pressen fighting moves inspired by Street Fighter — the Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick, and Dragon Punch.

DLC Bonus Trailer:

Remember Me Combo Lab DLC Pack gameplay includes:

• The DLC said you get 3 fighting moves, but I think I got a total of six. Maybe everyone has the extra 3, but I never noticed — either way I included all six. Leave a comment if you have an idea on what the ??? moves are.
• You can differentiate the special fighting moves in the Combo Lab by the orange arrow on the Pressen.

Combo Lab Pack Tips Video:

Timeline in minutes for the above “Combo Lab Pack” video guide:

0:00 – Exhibition · short gameplay of some of the moves

0:09 – ??? · (Power Pressen – 2nd row, 2nd column) · I used the standard X,X,X combo with the last hit being the special move. It looks like some sort of karate chop (maybe from E. Honda or Dhalsim)

0:31 – ??? · (Cooldown Pressen – 2nd row, 2nd column) · I don’t have a clue what move this is.

0:58 – Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) · (Chain Pressen – 2nd row, 1st column)

1:26 – ??? · (Regen Pressen – 1st row, 2nd column) · I used the Y,X,Y,X,Y combo with the last hit being the special move. Some spinning kick — I forgot who does this move (possibly Cammy or Adon)

2:03 – Flash Kick · (Cooldown Pressen – 1st row, 2nd column) · Guile’s Flash Kick

2:27 – Spinning Bird Kick · (Cooldown Pressen – 1st row, 3rd column) · Chun Li’s Spinning Bird Kick

2:47 – All Special Fight Moves Combined · I used the last and longest combo string to combine all 6 special fighting moves together. Of course the first hit is not special, and since the combo has 8 hits total, I had to put an extra non-special move in (7th slot). The combo is not optimized to focus on damage, cooldown, or regen in any way — it was basically just thrown together.

It looks pretty darn flashy to have a Flash Kick, followed by a Dragon Punch to finish with a Spinning Bird Kick!

Gameplay Tips

A gameplay guide for Capcom’s Remember Me, including combat, free running AKA parkour, memory remixing, and climbing. Plus gameplay from some of Neo-Paris’ most spectacular locations with accompanying commentary.

Gameplay commentary trailer:

Next, Creative Director Jean-Maxime Moris talks about Remember Me’s central theme – memories – and how they shape the world of 2084. Including an explanation of how memory remixing works.

Gameplay Memory trailer:

Tips Credit: Capcom, XCV & Xboxoutside.

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