Resident Evil Revelations Trophies Guide

The Resident Evil Revelations trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 survival-horror game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 51 Trophies (0 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (42), Silver (5), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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Resident Evil Revelations Trophies Guide

Campaign Achievements:

1. Eye on the Trophy (Platinum) — Obtain all trophies.

2. We’ll Find You, Jill (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 1 – 3.

3. Get Us Out of Here! (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 4 – 6.

4. The Queen Zenobia (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 7 – 9.

5. The Storm is Gone (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 10 – 12.

6. The Dark Forest (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Casual difficulty or higher.

7. The Shores of Purgatory (Silver) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Normal difficulty or higher.

8. The Vestibule of Hell (Gold) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear Infernal difficulty.

9. Surviving Deep Darkness (Silver) — [CAMPAIGN] Clear the game in Normal difficulty or above without dying once.

10. First Victim (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Scan 1 hidden hand print.
11. Traces of Tragedy (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Scan 15 hidden hand prints.
12. Last Victim (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Scan 30 hidden hand prints.

Tip: To find all 30, check out our Resident Evil Revelations Hidden Handprints Locations Guide.

13. Researcher (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Scan an enemy for the first time.

14. Research Complete (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Scan all enemy types.

15. B.O.W. Hunter (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Defeat 150 enemies.

16. Living on the Edge (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Stop an enemy bullet with your knife.

By “bullet”, they mean the bony, regenerating organic projectile from the ooze enemy type known as a tricome. Get a good distance and keep dodging and stabbing with Jill’s knife until you smash one of those so-called bullets.

17. By the Crosshairs (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Defeat Rachael before she gets to the cafeteria.

18. Bamboozle the Oozes (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Defeat 10 Oozes with headshots.

19. Die Another Day (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Evade a Scagdead’s instant-death attack.

In episode three, the comms officer you’re looking for has become a scagdead enemy type, which is a giant abomination with a buzzsaw arm. He’s got a close-up attack that means a one-hit kill if you don’t dodge it – which you’ll do by using left stick and the X button together quickly to make Jill slip under his arm.

The easiest time to do this is just after the start of the boss fight with the comms officer, when you lift the shutters with Parker. If you fumble the dodge, you’ll only be reset to just before the shutters – so you won’t lose loads of progress in this pretty long boss fight.

20. Triple Play (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Defeat 3 enemies with one shock grenade.

21. A Packaged Deal (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Defeat a Scarmiglione as a whole without killing both parts of its body separately.

22. Rockets are for Losers (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Defeat a Malacoda without using a rocket launcher.

23. The Pool Is Open (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Swim in the Solarium.

Swim in the solarium by cleaning the pool first: in episode three, go to the solarium at the top of the grand hall, solve the circuit wiring puzzle near the swimming pool, then go turn on the pool filtration system. In episode four, go back to the solarium and the pool will be clean – or clean enough for Jill to take a swim, at least. It’s still full of barnacled, fleshy gunk. Ew.

24. Dodge Master (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Dodge 20 times.

25. Angry Fist (Bronze) — [CAMPAIGN] Land 10 fully charged physical attacks.

Multiplayer Achievements:

26. First Circle Traveler (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Clear all stages in Raid mode on Chasm.

27. Midland Traveler (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Clear all stages in Raid mode on Trench.

28. Seventh Circle Traveler (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Clear all stages in Raid mode on Abyss.

29. First Circle Overseer (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Clear all stages in Raid mode on Chasm with an S rank.

30. Midland Overseer (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Clear all stages in Raid mode on Trench with an S rank.

31. Seventh Circle Overseer (Silver) — [RAID MODE] Clear all stages in Raid mode on Abyss with an S rank.

32. Beyond the Veil (Gold) — [RAID MODE] Clear the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship.

33. On Your Way (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Reach player level 5.

34. Moving on Up (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Reach player level 10.

35. Reaching Higher (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Reach player level 20.

36. Raising the Bar (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Reach player level 30.

37. Meteoric Rise (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Reach player level 40.

38. Top of My Game (Silver) — [RAID MODE] Reach player level 50.

39. One for Each Minnesota Lake (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Defeat 10,000 enemies.

40. That’ll Leave a Mark (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit.

41. Dynamic Duo (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Land a fully charged physical attack on an enemy at the same time as your partner.

42. Legendary Find (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Obtain a super rare weapon.

43. Legends Are Made, Not Born (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Obtain all super rare weapons.

44. Shop ’til Ya Drop (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Spend 1,000,000 BP in the store.

45. The Unbroken Thread (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Acquire No Damage Bonus for the first time.

46. Gutsy (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Clear a stage at 5 levels lower than the recommended level.

47. Three is the Magic Number (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Acquire Trinity Bonus for the first time.

48. Bonus Enthusiast (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Acquire 10 bonuses.

49. Bonus Ace (Bronze) — [RAID MODE] Acquire 50 bonuses.

50. Bonus Legend (Silver) — [RAID MODE] Acquire 100 bonuses.

51. Bonus Demi-god (Gold) — [RAID MODE] Acquire 150 bonuses.

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