Metro Last Light Weapons Guide

This Metro Last Light weapons guide will show you some of the Metro Last Light weapons you get to handle in this first-person shooter. Get ready to defeat all enemies in your way, both human and mutant, with these post-apocalyptic weapons!

The Metro Last Light weapons strategy guide and a full weapons list follows here-under.

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Metro Last Light Weapons Guide

Weapons and Inventory

Metro: Last Light’s “Ranger Survival Guide – Chapter 3” talks all about the game’s Weapons and Inventory; and how to most effectively use both to get through the game relatively unharmed. 🙂

Take a look at 4A Games’ official weapons guide:

Metro Last Light Weapons List

Melee Weapons:
• Trench Knife
• Throwing Knives

• Revolver
• Single-Shot Pistol
• Semi-Automatic Pistol

(Assault) Rifles:
• Bastard
• Kalash (AK-74)
• Modified Russian Rifle (AKS-74u)
• Kalash 2012
• VSV (VSK-94)
• Bolt-Action Rifle
• Sniper Rifle

• Automatic Shotgun (Saiga-12)
• Automatic Shotgun (Uboinik)
• Duplet
• Heavy Automatic Shotgun

Pneumatic Weapons:
• Helsing (DLC-exclusive weapon in Ranger Mode)
• Tihar

Heavy Weapons:
• Hand-Held Minigun

• Grenade
• Home-Made Grenade Launcher

Emplacement Weapons:
• DShK 12.7mm Machinegun

Credits: Weapon guide by Deep Silver; Weapons list by Wikia.

What’s your favorite weapon in Metro Last Light?