Metro Last Light Visions Locations Guide

Welcome to the Metro Last Light Visions locations guide that helps you find the total of 7 Visions locations in The Dead City chapter of the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC first-person shooter game.

Finding all 7 Vision locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Back to the Past” (20 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — See all Visions in the Dead City.

The guide for all these in-game Visions locations is listed & shown below.

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Metro Last Light Visions

How to find missing Visions?: In-game the Visions will appear when you get to areas where you hear spooky sounds from the past when humans were still living in the now-abandoned buildings in the . Follow the sounds, for example to find the first missable Vision you’ll hear a piano playing and if you follow the sound up the stairs you’ll find a man playing said piano, which leads to a flashback. You’ll know you’re having a Vision because Artyom will breathe out cold air, indicating you’re encountering ghosts of sorts. These are really well done, creepy, and add a lot to the game’s story. So you’ll want to find all 7!

Does the game save each Visions you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically track the Visions you found. Once you find all 7 the “Back to the Past” achievement / trophy will pop up confirming you’ve found them all.

Important Tip: 3 out of 7 Visions in “The Dead City” Chapter are missable. So pay attention to the helpful commentator in the video guide guide hereunder.

Where to find all Visions in Metro Last Light? The in-game locations for the Visions are described in this detailed video guide.

The Visions are shown in the order that they appear in “The Dead City” Chapter.

There are 7 Visions to see on the Dead City level in Metro Last Light:

Vision Location #1: Playground — Unmissable.
Vision Location #2: Piano — Can be found after you hear the baby crying, since after that a piano starts playing and you can follow the sound up the stairs of the building you’re in.
Vision Location #3: Car Crash — Unmissable.
Vision Location #4: Lady In Shower — Can be found near the car crash.
Vision Location #5: Family Looking Out Window — Unmissable.
Vision Location #6: Kid Alone Crying — Can be found after you encounter the winged mama Demon beast on the roof.
Vision Location #7: In The Metro — Unmissable. This is the most significant Vision, as it’s a memory from Artyom as a little kid. It’s important, because at the start of the game he cannot remember his mother’s face anymore (not surprising since he didn’t have a photo and memories fade), but thanks to the little Dark One’s psychic powers he can now remember what his mother looked like again! The photo at the top of this page shows her too.

There you go! All Visions in Metro Last Light have been discovered! 🙂

Huge thanks to Tony for the guide video and tips.

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