Metro Last Light Walkthrough

Chapter 28-29: Red Square & The Garden

Covered in this section are:
– Chapter 28: Red Square (Sniper Fight)
– Chapter 29: The Garden (Mutant Bear Fight)

Chapter 30-31: Enforcement of Peace & D6 – The Last Battle

Covered in this section are:
– Chapter 30: Enforcement of Peace
– Chapter 31: D6 – The Last Battle

In D6 is the final boss fight!


Here are both the good & bad endings.

To get the good ending you must kill as few humans as possible. Spare the lives of soldiers when they surrender and saving people who are endangered. You can also perform more good actions by exploring the environment, eaves dropping on npc who are in dialog with each other. You can know when you performed a good action when you see a flash of white after you save someone or finished listening to someone’s story.

Tip: Hit up our Achievements or Trophies guide to see how to find all the visions in The Dead City, finding hidden ammo caches, bring back the teddy bear to the crying kid. Other morally right things are donating bullets to beggars, not killing mutant animal mothers (bear/flying demon) who are just protecting their young, and not killing Pavel or Lesnitsky. These all help tilt the morality system in your favor.

– Good ending starts at 0:00 minutes.
– Bad ending starts at 3:37 minutes.

The End.

Big thanks to Deep Silver & Doug for the walkthrough videos.

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