Star Trek 2013 Game Walkthrough

24 April 2013
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Star Trek 2013 Game Walkthrough

Our Star Trek 2013 Game walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this Action-adventure third-person shooter on the PC, Xbox 360 & PS3.

Let’s start the Star Trek 2013 Game walkthrough with an introduction video!

Star Trek: The Video Game executive producer Brian Miller delves deeper into this rich, exciting story and examines the plot that awaits players.

Please note that viewers must be at least 13 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Animated Blood, Language, Violence.

Table of Contents

Index of Star Trek: The Game Guides:

Star Trek 2013 Game Walkthrough

The award-winning Star Trek game casts players for the first time ever as Kirk and Spock in a totally original co-op experience worthy of gamers and fans. Set in the new canon of director and producer J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) reboot, players will be immersed in the game’s rich story and action-packed combat.

Under development by acclaimed Ontario-based developers Digital Extremes (Bioshock 2, Dark Sector, The Darkness 2), Star Trek features an original story by BAFTA award winner and God of War writer, Marianne Krawczyk, in collaboration with the writer/producers of the new Star Trek films, Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof.

Key Game Features:

  • Meet the Crew – The 2009 Star Trek film cast will be contributing their voices for the game, including Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock.
  • Original Standalone Story – Set after the events of the Star Trek (2009) reboot, continue the sweeping journey through the new universe with a completely original story that takes place between the 2009 movie and its 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.
  • Ultimate Co-op – Built from the ground up as a co-op experience, Star Trek packs two vastly different gameplay styles and unique character abilities into one game. The result: the most fully realized and varied co-op experience of this console generation.
  • Kirk and Spock Reborn – Play for the first time as two of the most well-known characters in science fiction, as only this new Star Trek game could allow. With the fate of the galaxy on the line, players must rely on each other to create a kick-ass team.
  • The Gorn Return – Determined to conquer the galaxy, the Gorn returns as re-imagined versions of the classic Trek villains, infecting their foes with venom that can poison, cause hallucinations, and even kill. Ranging in size and abilities, the Gorn seed mayhem and destruction as they destroy populations and deplete planets of their resources.

Tutorial: Boldly Go & Chapter 1: Helios-1

Welcome to the Star Trek 2013 game walkthrough! Doug will be your voice-over commentator showing you how to complete the game, tips and all. 🙂

Chapter 2: New Vulcan

Chapter 3: Space Battle

Chapter 4: Frontier Starbase

In Part 2 of the Starbase chapter we must destroy the Gorn devices.

Part 3: Shuttle Bay & Power Station.

Tip: The infamous jumping part in this chapter might be a glitch, but it can be overcome by clicking on the left analog stick (LS) of your controller so you will run faster, and jump right at the end of the platform, then just let him grab the ledge.

Part 4: Power Cores & Relay Tower.

Tip: If you encounter the glitch where Spock won’t transport you through, then it’s recommended you reload the checkpoint, and if that doesn’t work then start the whole chapter over.
Note: Restarting the chapter fixes both the glitch in this “Chapter 4: Frontier Starbase” level as well as in “Chapter 7: Gorn Planet” if you get stuck in a room/cell with no way to get out.

Part 5: Power the Antennas.

Star Trek 2013 Game Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Chapter 5.


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