Injustice Gods Among Us Super Moves

15 April 2013
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Injustice Gods Among Us Super Moves

All Injustice Gods Among Us Super Moves have been revealed for the 24 characters in the new Xbox 360, PS3 & Wii U fighting game. Super Moves replace the non-lethal Fatalities Special Moves, the Finishing Moves we called Brutalities in MK VS DC, except in Injustice you can perform them mid-fight. Here you’ll find a guide video and Super Moves list for every single one!

How to activate a Super Move in Injustice Gods Among Us? Once during a fight your character’s power bar reaches level 4, you can activate it by pressing these two back buttons on your controller at once: L2 + R2 on PlayStation 3 or LT + RT on Xbox 360. You’ll then burn all 4 power bars of the Super Meter and perform the Super Move, which will inflict massive damage onto your opponent mid-battle.

Protip: When you get down to business, Deathstroke has the strongest Super Move of all initial 24 characters that does 40% damage. Opposed to Harley Quinn who has the weakest Super Move with only 27% damage.

Index of Injustice Gods Among Us Guides:

Injustice Gods Among Us Super Moves

The Super Moves revealed in this video include those for: Aquaman, Ares, Bane, Batman, Black Adam, Catwoman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Doomsday, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, The Joker, Killer Frost, Lex Luthor, Nightwing, Raven, Shazam, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

  • Aquaman Super Move: Atlantean Rage
    Description: Aquaman summons a wave and floods the stage. Then thrusts his trident into his opponent’s chest and lifts him/her up into the mouth of a Great White Shark.
  • Ares Super Move: Annihilator
    Description: Ares slices his enemy with a sword and teleports them both to somewhere else. He then yells and points at his enemy when thousands of arrows get shot in the sky and then fall and hit his enemy. Then he turns giant and smashes his enemy with his hand. He then teleports them both back to the Stage they were fighting on.
  • Bane Super Move: Break The Bat
    Description: Bane runs forward and grabs the opponent, and gives him/her a punch to the gut, launches him/her with an uppercut to the face, grabs the opponent’s leg and slams him/her to the ground, he then performs his infamous Back Breaker on him/her.
  • Batman Super Move: The Dark Knight
    Description: Batman throws a smoke batarang at the opponent, quickly inputs his coordinates to the Batmobile, then shocks the enemy with two tazers and follows up with a knee to the face. He then throws an explosive batarang at the opponent and the Batmobile drives in to run over the opponent.
  • Black Adam Super Move: Teth-Adam
    Description: Black Adam dashes and punches his opponent, then uppercuts him/her with a lightning charged punch, knocking him/her into the air where he follows up with a knee to his/her jaw before grabbing him/her and shouting, “SHAZAM!” He then throws him/her onto the ground where a lightning bolt strikes him/her and ends the attack by landing on him/her with a powerful drop kick.
  • Catwoman Super Move: Nine Lives
    Description: Catwoman blows a kiss at the opponent, kicks her opponent up into the air and then uses her whip to grab him/her and slam him/her down to the ground, face first. She then jumps onto the opponent and scratches his/her face several times and slams him/her to the ground using her legs.
  • Cyborg Super Move: Target Locked
    Description: Cyborg summons a giant laser cannon and shoots the opponent.
  • Deathstroke Super Move: Eye For An Eye
    Description: Deathstroke slices the enemy with his sword, throws it into the air, shoots his enemy twice, impales his opponent by kicking the sword into his/her chest, and shoots him/her with his SMGs.
  • Doomsday Super Move: Mass Destruction
    Description: Doomsday slams his opponent onto the ground and starts punching him/her relentlessly through the center of the Earth and out into the ocean on the other side. Then he punches him/her back through the Earth and back to his/her starting point.
  • Green Arrow Super Move: Arsenal Assault
    Description: Green Arrow shoots an explosive arrow that launches the opponent in the air, then grapples the opponent to the ground and leaps over him/her shooting several exploding arrows. This super move can then be followed up with a combo after.
  • Green Lantern Super Move: Beware My Power
    Description: Green Lantern teleports his opponent to Oa, he then hits his enemy with a hammer, smashes two coaches at his enemy and then summons a swarm of jets and missile directly at the opponent and teleports him/her back.
  • Harley Quinn Super Move: Mallet Bomb
    Description: Harley pummels her opponent with a mallet knocking him/her back before she runs and slides, placing an exploding cherry pie underneath him/her. This super move can then be followed up with a combo after.
  • Hawkgirl Super Move: The Power of Nth
    Description: Hawkgirl grabs her opponent and sends him/her to the sky, she then rapidly comes in from the side and hits her opponent’s face with her mace and then repeats the same but coming in downwards causing her opponent to crash into the ground.
  • Killer Frost Super Move: Endless Whiteout
    Description: Killer Frost makes three ice spikes under her enemy which stabs them. She then makes a huge ice vortex that circles them both. Then she makes two spiky ice walls on each side of them and smashes them with them. She then makes a ice wall above them and smashes them with that one.
  • Lex Luthor Super Move: Coordinates Received
    Description: Lex traps his enemy in an energy field and quickly types in a few coordinates to a satellite. The satellite shoots down a laser which Lex catches and focuses into an energy ball which he smashes on top of the enemy. The explosion can be seen from space.
  • Nightwing Super Move: Dark as Night
    Description: Nightwing jumps onto his motorcycle and repeatedlly slashes the opponent with electrified gauntlets. Nightwing then jumps off of his motorcycle to slam his electrified staff into his opponent’s chest.
  • Raven Super Move: Deadly Sin
    Description: Raven teleports her opponent to a dark dimension where she summons three demons to attack her enemy, then summons Trigon to attack by shooting burning rays from his eyes which take the fight back to the original battlefield.
  • Shazam Super Move: The Power Of SHAZAM
    Description: Shazam uppercuts his enemy into the stratosphere and pummels his opponent with a series of blows, he then elbows the opponent in the back, grabs his enemy by the legs, spins his enemy, and throws his opponent back on the ground.
  • Sinestro Super Move: Sinestro’s Might
    Description: Sinestro pulls his enemy through a portal, straight into space, he then collides two meteorite rocks into his opponent, to finish off, he creates a laser beam and shoots his enemy back to earth.
  • Solomon Grundy Super Move: Grave Digger
    Description: Solomon Grundy pulls a cleaver out and slices his enemy with it, he then proceeds to pick up the enemy and throw him/her. As the enemy gets up, Grundy pulls out a tombstone from his chest and smashes it over his/her head.
  • Superman Super Move: Kryptonian Smash
    Description: Superman flies toward his opponent and grabs him/her. He then uppercuts his adversary into space, and sends him/her back down to earth with a hammer punch.
  • The Flash Super Move: Speed Zone
    Description: The Flash runs around the earth at high speed, punches the enemy, then punches him/her back down.
  • The Joker Super Move: Let’s Be Serious
    Description: The Joker tosses a pie at his opponent to distract him/her. As soon as the opponent wipes it off, Joker assaults his opponent with a crowbar and a bat then shoots his opponent in the face. Whilst the opponent is on the ground, Joker gets on top of him/her and shoots the enemy point blank, with a rocket launcher.
  • Wonder Woman Super Move: Justice Javelin
    Description: Wonder Women wraps her opponent in her lasso and calls two Amazons. One holds the enemy and knees him/her in the back, followed by a second who breaks a spear while smacking the opponent with it in the face. Finally, Wonder Woman pulls the enemy back to her and slashes him/her with her sword.

Note: The fastest way to unlock the “Superhuman!” achievement / trophy is in Practice Mode. That’s because in that mode you can press Start to set the Super Meter to full in the Practice Options menu. As you know, a full Super Meter allows you to do a Super Move for each character right away. Then exit and select a new fighter until you’ve done Super Moves with all 24 characters.

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Which Injustice: Gods Among Us character has your favorite Super Move?


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