StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Achievements Guide

Mastery Achievements

Please note that a lot of these “Mastery Achievements” are covered in the “Campaign Achievements” mission guides on Page 1, since they are played on the Hard difficulty mode required to get mastery for specific tasks done per mission.

111. Mad Dash (10 points) — Destroy 3 Factories in the “Lab Rat” mission in less than 10 minutes on Hard difficulty.

112. Nick of Time (10 points) — Complete “Back in the Saddle” with more than 40 seconds on each lockdown on Hard difficulty.

113. Premature Evacuation (10 points) — Destroy all Dominion Structures in the “Rendezvous” mission before Naktul’s brood arrives on Hard difficulty.

114. Shutout (10 points) — Destroy Zagara’s base in the “Domination” mission in less than 14 minutes on Hard difficulty before collecting 100 eggs.

115. Going, Going, Gorgon! (10 points) — Destroy 4 Gorgon Battlecruisers within 120 seconds in the “Fire in the Sky” mission on Hard difficulty.

116. Home Wrecker (10 points) — Destroy the Planetary Fortress in the “Old Soldiers” mission before the nuclear strike on Hard difficulty.

117. Psi-lence is Golden (10 points) — Complete all objectives in less than 12 minutes in the “Harvest of Screams” mission on Hard difficulty.

118. My Cool Bay Explosions (10 points) — Destroy all 3 Protoss Docking Bays in the “Shoot the Messenger” mission on Hard difficulty.

119. Monster Smash (10 points) — Kill 15 units with the Giant Ursadon in the “Enemy Within” mission on Hard difficulty.

120. Whack-A-Brakk (10 points) — Kill 15 units with the Giant Ursadon in the “Don’t let Brakk destroy any Biomass in the “Waking the Ancient” mission on Hard difficulty.

121. Short Life Expectancy (10 points) — Kill the Tyrannozor in under 1 minute after it appears in “The Crucible” mission on Hard difficulty.

122. Whose Queen Reigns Supreme? (10 points) — Complete the “Supreme” mission in less than 12 minutes on Hard difficulty.

123. Once, Twice, Three Times Malady (10 points) — Complete the “Infested” mission before the Dominion Gas the Platform a 3rd time on Hard difficulty.

124. Dominion Domination (10 points) — Kill 3 Hybrid Dominators with Terran units in the “Hand of Darkness” mission on Hard difficulty.

125. No-toss (10 points) — Destroy all Protoss structures in the “Phantoms of the Void” mission on Hard difficulty.

126. Ludicrous Speed! (10 points) — Complete the “With Friends Like These…” mission in less than 11 minutes on Hard difficulty.

Tip: After you launch your fighters?, quickly warp in to be with them to make them survive a lot longer.

127. Fast Break (10 points) — Complete the “Conviction” mission in less than 10 minutes on Hard difficulty.

128. Crash The Party (10 points) — Destroy all Dominion structures in the “Planetfall” mission before the 5th Bile Launcher lands on Hard difficulty.

129. Speed Bump (10 points) — Destroy the Odin in “The Reckoning” mission before Mengsk sends it at Raynor on Hard difficulty.

Thanks to SOEgame for the mission-specific mastery guide videos.

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