Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at the newly discovered Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Sniper Ghost Warrior 2. Watch footage of them all below.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Easter Eggs

Metal Gear Solid Easter Egg

Here is a video guide showing how to unlock the “Solid Sandman” achievement/trophy, which is a Metal Gear Solid reference. That’s because this involves completing a stealth mission, and the achievement/trophy you get as a reward has an icon that shows Solid Snake hiding under a box. 🙂

At the very beginning of Act 1, in “Mission 3: No Man Left Behind”, there is a house on the beach with guards patrolling around it. You need to take them all out without being noticed. The objective gets completed when there is still one guard left (the one who is looking at the sea) but you still have to kill the sniper too to get the “Solid Sandman” achievement/trophy to pop up. You fail to do this, you can always restart the mission to try again.

Take a look at how this easter egg is achieved.

Discovery made by: Deathmule.

Have you found any Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 easter eggs?