Mega Man Online Cancelled

Capcom and NeoWiz Games have mutually decided to cancel Rockman Online, which was in development since 2010 or earlier. That’s right, the nearly finished PC MMORPG game otherwise known as Mega Man Online was cancelled in 2012 without anyone knowing. Other cancellation victims back in 2011 were Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe.

Opposed to the terrible idea that was Ghouls ‘N Ghosts Online, Mega Man Online looked polished… and more importantly like a lot of fun. Even if it was (initially?) only intended for the Korean market.

A NeoWiz representative had this to say about the cancellation:

“Both companies have continually discussed to find agreeable points on quality, development time, communication and etc. Ultimately, both companies have agreed to stop the development of Rock Man Online last early November.”

Here’s what Mega Man Online would’ve looked like:

Part 2 of the gameplay video:

Watch Capcom’s cinematic Mega Man Online teaser:

A second animated trailer for the game:

Background storyline to those videos:

“Rockman Online takes place in the distant future, where the characters from the Mega Man and Mega Man X series had long since passed away, including the Maverick threat. — Believing the threat of Mavericks are gone for good, society is taken by surprise one day when a large number of Mavericks began to wreak havoc. In response, the UCA (United Continent Association), initiates the production of copies of X, Zero and Duo, among other heroes, to combat the rampant Mavericks. The UCA went so far as to embed the DNA of the original heroes onto a chip housed within the copy bodies to further enhance their abilities in an effort to make them as legitimate as possible. The Mavericks associated with Rockman Online are actually rebuilt and heavily customized versions of enemies from the past, produced in a similar manner to the X, Zero and Duo copies.”

Christian Svensson, Capcom senior vice president, said this about Mega Man’s 25th anniversary in 2013:

“I can say with certainty that you’ve not seen the last of the Blue Bomber on consoles and handhelds, and, with luck, we’ll be celebrating his 50th anniversary, including all of the games you’re going to enjoy over the next 25 years.”

Translation by: Kotaku

Are you sad to see Mega Man Online stay offline?