God of War Ascension Walkthrough

Chapter 26: Eyes of Apollo

Make your way up to the Lantern.

Chapter 27: The Lantern of Delos

Kratos must get the Eyes of Truth, who can see through the dark magic of the Furies.

Chapter 28: The Trial of Archimedes

In The Trial of Archimedes, Kratos must face three waves of enemies without save points. Win by trial and error, as they say.

Chapter 29: The Fury Citadel

Kratos makes his way up to The Fury Citadel, rewinding time to clear his path. This is one Spartan who will not bow down to illusions.

Chapter 30: Alecto’s Chamber & Ending

In Alecto’s Chamber, Kratos will face the Queen of the Furies final boss fight!

Thanks to Doug & IGN for the walkthrough videos.

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