God of War Ascension Walkthrough

Chapter 21: The Forearm of Apollo

At The Forearm of Apollo, Kratos will make his way up to the Ribs.

Chapter 22: The Ribs of Apollo

Once at The Ribs of Apollo, Kratos climbs up even further to reach The Furnace.

Chapter 23: The Furnace

The Furnace teaches Kratos a valuable lesson, avoid boiling hot liquid metals.

Chapter 24: The Shoulder of Apollo

More traveling on the statue in The Shoulder of Apollo. Kratos must rewind time to put together Apollo’s statue.

Chapter 25: The Furnace (Part 2)

Travel The Furnace fast. By throwing the weaker enemies into the fire, you’ll be able to move up quicker.

God of War Ascension Walkthrough continues on Page 6 from Chapter 26 to the ending.